Future emt in moral/financial dilemma. how should i do this..?

I used to get in trouble at school. Nothing big. Until something big did happen and I got blamed. Well, it was proven that I didn t do it and my expulsion changed to a 13 day suspension for the small role I did play in it. However, I wasn t notified. At a different school I wasn t allowed to test into the next grade. I was depressed and not doing well academically. I caught up but have to work online through the summer in order to graduate before January and catch EMT courses. I have about three months to get my driver s license, First Aid & CPR certifications, and a vehicle. I need around $4000 for tuition and classes, and I need a vehicle and can t drive yet due to lack of financial wealth. I will have to continue to endure that lack of wealth until I get my diploma. I won t have time to work. A friend suggested I look at GoFundMe.com, but I do not believe asking others to pay for my tuition, home, nor mistakes is right. I am strongly tempted, but I m not some perfectly innocent, straight A, angel kid. I could have prevented trouble for myself, but made a decision that made things hard. I want to help my parents, and save people. I just don t want to have to mooch off of anyone, especially a community I used to act up all over, in order to do so.

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