Freedom of speech

Seems this site doesn’t promote it. We gotta go by THEIR rules. It’s time we started going by our own rules.

Answer #1

I just got threatened with punishment by an admin for making a quote. Later I was apologized to because I really didn’t do anything wrong… so I was quite furious at the moment… my apologies. But I do still believe in freedom of speech wherever it is… but that doesn’t mean I’m going to use bad language in front of a child. I just don’t like to feel limited. My friend was arrested for making a political statement (not using any threatening or foul language) in a public place. At first the police wouldn’t arrest him because they couldn’t but what he was saying was not what the government wanted to be said… it was too against their plots to control. Then they called in some other guys who were in a strange uniform… not even sure what they were. Then he was arrested and taken away. I see our constitutional rights being under attack everyday. So… I’m sorry if I seem defensive about some things.

Answer #2

I know decisions can seem a bit unfair at times and I have made one or two of those errors in judgement here. Unfortunately freedom of speech tends to be limited to serving the greatest good for the greatest number, but I think on this site, that is kept within reason. We only think in terms of the rights and beliefs of others (as well as safety where necessary). When people make remarks which could potentially impede on those rights, then we do have to take actions. The rules are here in an attempt to make things fair for everyone (though we are aware that some exceptions do come). We do try and if you have any complaints, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ link below :).

Answer #3

ethmer is correct. Freedom of speech means the government can’t restrict speech. But private organization can do what they want. You employer has every right to limit bad language while at work.

This is something many people don’t understand. You can say anything you want, but the owners of this site don’t have to let you do it on their dime.

Answer #4

Freedom of speech is pretty much available on this site as long as you don’t violate the site’s Terms of Use policy.

Consider, the Freedom of Speech that you may be referring to does not apply to private business but only to Government controlled actions. Even then it does have restrictions such as not shouting “fire” in theaters or inciting riots, etc.

If you think that you want a site with greater freedom of speech, create one and see how long it will survive without basic restrictions.

          i hope you do not take offense,         To that that’s gone before;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         And not one penny more. §;o)

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Well I don’t really think that they were care free, but their minds were definitely clouded. I don’t disagree with pot, but I disagree with smoking it. I’m gonna quote the bible but I am not a Christian… “Then God said, ‘I give you ever seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. The will be yours for food.’”

-genesis 1:29

I think that pot should be eaten and not smoked… referring to hippies and stoners.

Answer #6

I agree I think my life long dream is to bring back hippies there so carefree and high…=)

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