Forcing religion argument

One thing that really anoys me about this site, are the people who enforce religion while answering questions about god or death or whatever. I understand its more opinion rather than fact when people say “If you dont allow jesus to save you, you’ll go to hell” Opinion because its not certain what really happens whether you follow christianity or any religion for that matter or not. But I just dont think its right that there is enforcement on this site.

For example, In school, everyone has their own beliefs about what god they do or not believe in but they dont enforce it on anyone. Why, in a site with so much diversity is that happening? I know the answer to this im just an angry anarchist. But you dont see me forcing that on anyone. Comment if you wish.

Answer #1

ok first of all you can’t say anyone is enforcing anything… if you want to compare it to a school, the administrators are not forcing anyone to believe in anything…

the people on here have a right to speak… freedom of speech… didnt someone say I may hate what you say but I’ll fight to the death your right to say it? they’re simply exercising their freedom to speak…

I may not like it, but religious zealots dont bother me (honestly it’s quite amusing)

I think the main reason they dont bother me and I’m not completely turned off by really religious people is because I have a friend who is very religious, as is her whole family, her dad is a pastor now (he quit his job as a surgeon to work in the church and so did his wife) and they may have their beliefs, and occasionally the subject comes up, but I am never made to feel bad for having different beliefs… So I know some of the slightly more emphatic people don’t necessarily represent the majority…

They just speak louder so it seems like there’s more of them and they represent the majority (when honestly they dont)

Answer #2

If you have specific examples of where we showed religious favoritism, let me know.

Fun Fact: Only one member stated a religious issue made them delete their account here. Which made me sad :(

And I’d be extremely upset if it happened again…we try VERY hard to be non partisan (another fun fact: non of the founders of the site are Christian or Catholic…which seems to be the majority in the religion discussion, aside from atheist / agnostic.

Answer #3

OK first off jules22871, I never said it was ok for ANYONE to force ANYTHING on ANYBODY. Those things should be a person choice and not something used as propaganda. In my opinion Religion is a control mechanism. Composed to control a series of people who wont question and will just follow. AKA. a cult.

Answer #4

I really have no idea why they force their beliefs, that’s not what Christianity is intended to be. Forcing your beliefs on people? Now that’s just being ignorant.

I will only say I believe in god, But I’m not Christian-like. And I don’t like church, sitting for hours listening to the pastor speak? not my cup to tea.

Answer #5

Wait, what does site enforcement have to do with user’s opinions on religion?

Enforcement meaning administrators and advisors locking and deleting questions that break the Terms of Use…

Answer #6

I can see where you are coming from. I think the only answers that should be like that are for questions in the “religion and spirituality” section. But, seems like people go a bit overboard with it.

Answer #7

Why is it alright for other religions to have their points of view but if a Christian does it they are pushing it on people?

Why is it alright for everyone to say that it is wrong for a Christian to stand up for themselves but yet the Christian cannot say what they think about someone without being bashed?

Why can everyone else say what they want about Christians but a Christian cannot say anything against anyone else?

Seems like a lot of double standards going on.

Yes, I’m a Christian. I will defend my beliefs until the very end but I will not tell you or anyone else that you are going to hell for your beliefs. The truth is that none of will know until the end how the story turns out. By then it is to late to make any changes.

Answer #8

They don’t just do it on this site, they do it in real life but usually hold their tongue because they are naturally afraid people. They are afraid of what might happen to them if they speak out and that’s why they have clung so dearly to something. On the internet they are not afraid of what people might do or say. They let their fear run their lives and what their true belief is in fear itself…

Answer #9

because to be honest I believe there really isnt that much diversity on this site. I dont believe in god but if someone wants to question that you can bet your last dollar im going to stand up for my beliefs. some christians, ect are like that but yes. a lot of them unecessarily and greedily force there religion upon others in completely unrelated questions. but thats there way, and if you dont learn to hate it youll learn to laugh it off. because in the end none of it matters, so long as you stick to your own beliefs.

Answer #10

I definatly agree it annoys me on the questions that almost have nothing to do with religion some people somehow have to shove it on in there but even on the religious ones, some go a little overboard lol its funny with the arguments and the religious people do have the right to express their views but I HATE when they start threatening non-believers with the whole ‘thats your choice, but you’ll be sorry when you go to hell’ whole thing its cute, very cute

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