Why delete prayer requests?

I was readin on one question bout questions getting locked, and someone posted a list of what will be deleted, why will you delete prayer request for?? it isn demanding, or offendin anyone, if they dont believe in it or whatever, they dont have to click to read it, your just asking someone to help you pray for someone you love dearly…why will that be deleted???

Answer #1

and, dude, I am thankful for that.

Answer #2

Take a look at the Terms of use …

  1. Prayer requests, regardless of religion, will be removed.
  2. Any content that is considered offensive to the FunAdvice community, such as racism, bigotry, religious intolerance, hate speech or physical threats against any group or individual will be deleted.

You have to agree to them in order to use the sight, and I do.

1-12 have a cohesion to them I.e. “no bad stuff”

and # 14 is also saying “no bad stuff” to include religious intolerance But you have to take a look at # 13 and ask this Q, is it “bad stuff” For ”ME” I see # 13 as a form of religious intolerance but that is only my opinion.

what do you think?

Answer #3

Ok, does this sound like a good question to you?

“God commands us to destroy the infidels, will you pray for this too?”

…Christians, Muslims, and many other religious groups are guilty of that one. You do realize that violence against Muslims increased DRAMATICALLY in the US after 9/11…and the US followed that agression with invasion of 2 countries, OTHER than the country where most of the hijackers originated?

Or how about this one: “Pray for all the lesbian / gay / bisexual sinners for me, please?”

As in, a lot of the bigoted Christian / Muslim / Jewish people that consider non hetereosexual orientation a sin, and think those people are going to burn in hell for all eternity…

…what part of that, even if we allow prayer requests, sounds like anything other than hostile diatribe?

You do also realize when you add up the deaths caused by all the major religions, they top anything else, nuclear weapons, etc?

So…bottom line: we’re no going there, ever,

Answer #4

some people will still click it anyway an demand it get deleted why??? the world doesnt quite know…some say that action just means they believe just dont like or want to some say they theirs no way this could offend them an if so why read..well some say they read it to taunt what was written or it interested them in what was written(why if they dont believe??? we will never know) an it offends them why we dont know…a firey pain eurupts in their tummy when they seeit maybe…but some dont believe an read it by accident an move on..some say go them!!! but the ones getting stuff like this..praying for others loved ones deleted because it effects their rights or morals or watever so much…some say nay..nay nay nay

Answer #5

Simply because it isn’t asking for advice. Plus, I think I can recall a few prayer request questions turning into battles between atheists and various religious groups.

Answer #6

I wasn asking to try to start anythin or trying to say that I am mad, I was just asking b/c to me, it sounds like a question like will you pls… im not trying to force anythin upon anybody but like I said, if thats not your religion, you DONT have to click on it, just b/c someone states their religion, doesn mean they are trying to force it upon anyone, but anyways, me asking wasn trying to start somethin, I just wanted to know b/c you can ask a prayer request

Answer #7

Because a prayer request is a public broadcast of:

  1. Your religion - we don’t allow people to force your beliefs on others.
  2. Unnecessary - EVERY major religion I’m aware of (Judaism, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Shinto, Taoism) don’t require more than ONE prayer for something, and then it’s up to the flying spaghetti monster of your choosing whether or not it happens, and as they say, “silence” is an answer as well.
  3. As bimjob stated, what if I wanted to have people pray that their (insert religion here) gets blown to bits, because (insert OTHER religion here) according to my belief system, they need to be? Is that OK?
  4. Statistically speaking, it’s incredibly rare for somebody to be born into a culture that follows ANY religion, to chose another…did you realize the owners of the site (there are three - myself, two others) none of us started life with the same religious background, and none of us comes from the same country? So…whose religion is paramount in that scenario? Mine? Theirs?

Perhaps you didn’t think that through…I’ve attended several different religious services, and witnessed dozens more…most of the time, the communion with the diety of choice is done silently. And besides, in medical studies, it’s been proven that the person who is sick, diseased, etc, heals faster on average if THEY have faith - in any religion - not if they were “prayed for”.

So we have both a very good cultural reason AND some scientific backing. I support your faith, however, I’d ask you to support other’s beliefs, and not share them unless it’s in private :)

Feel free to ask for that kind of thing in fun mail, profile comments, OR setup a group around your religion of choice, where you are free to exchange prayer requests, which to other members, may be viewed as blasphemy, and we’ll still be OK with it.

Answer #8

ummm…I said I was just wonderin…b/c ty said it wasn nessessarily a question thats the only reason why I said you can ask it///I was just wonderin IM NOT DEMANDIN that we can…and not ALL christians, jews, etc…think the same…so just hold on all think the same thing…because the all DONT…I wa just wonderin like I said IM NOT DEMANDIN THAT ER CAN, so chill

Answer #9

And what if it were a prayer request for something you think is bad. Imagine the prayer requests from radical jihadists!!! Or prayer requests from that church that pickets military funerals and says it’s a GOOD thing that the soldiers are dead.

The problem is that everyone wants total freedom for THEIR religion, but not for other’s. OK. Rant is over. I apologize.

Answer #10

I’m guessing because it’s not a question… nor is it asking for advice…?

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