Why can't anyone who asks questions write normally?

I wish that people who have questions could write normal… its hard to read we are not ALL thugs on here

Answer #1

srsly ppl suck!!!

The least they could do is come up with something that is remotely coherent. Most of the time I can figure out the situation and the question, but every now and then I come across a message that I completely can’t make heads or tails of. That is when I’m tempted to turn into my mean self and poke fun at… stuff.

Answer #2

You mean like this: Omg, I’ll ttyl! <3 U. Yeah that is annoying. Also when people go ike dis nd dey spel al da wrds wrng. Haha, I hate that too. Your not alone.

Answer #3

hehe..at first attempt I’m all over that feeling too but that’s the beauty of the internet…just check this site out for eg..we’ve got degreed professionals answering questions along with kids still in grade school.

This public forum forces you to yield to the masses.

Various backgrounds ages races but the merit lies only in the answer and so you have to force yourself to look past superficial things if you really just want the answers in life!

Answer #4

I agree, I just cannot stand people talking lyk dis n dat OR liik3 thiis b3c@use iim p3rf3ct

Urghhh!!! Its annoying and takes half the time to read! I am in A Level English and I cannot afford to let my speech or writing become text abbreviated.

Answer #5

If the questions are in “textspeak,” I don’t even bother to try and decipher it. I just move on. It’s ridiculous that these people text message so much that it has become the way the write everything. Pssh!

Answer #6

I tOtAlLy aGrEe. Da ppl luk sew unintellegible whn al they du iS tYpE lYkE dIs.

…Wonder how their English and grammar classes are going? :)

Answer #7

You know what I hate the most? When I wake up in the middle of the night and find Xavier the next door miniature dwarf cuddle up in my bed with his acoustic guitar singing songs by Bob Dylan. I can’t stand Bob Dylan!

Answer #8

I know exactly what you mean. This site needs some sort of Terms and Conditions in which it states clearly that “Proper use of the English language must be used in all questions asked and all answers to said questions to the best of your ability.” I’ve seen this at work in some online forums, and it does make a big difference. It requires that if you don’t know how to spell correctly, punctuate properly, you will either A: Get banned temporarily, B: Get banned permanently. It’s a good use to the people answering the questions as well since we may not understand their question entirely. Basically, using the English language like an idiot creates animosity. Use the English language properly people! For Christ’s sake it isn’t that hard to type clearly!

Answer #9



Arrrgh! He made me abbreviate!

Answer #10


And that “txt msg abbr” speech with no punctuation, gets annoying too.

Answer #11

i know, i tottaly agree with you/

Answer #12

I like pickles

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