Should we help to get you arrested in your home country?

I’m not going to name names, but one of the sites out there which people routinely use helped put somebody in jail. Turned over their personal info so the authorities in that country could track them down and arrest them. This wasn’t in the US.

Personally, I’d rather shut down all users from a country (outside the US) rather than help lead to somebody’s arrest & jail time as a result of an inappropriate joke. However, maybe I’m being too idealistic, and it’s unfair to people to shut off FunAdvice in a country to protect an individual.

What would you rather see us do? Shut down in a country, OR help the authorities arrest you for a momentary lapse in personal judgement?

Answer #1

ok now I am not getting any of this!!!

Answer #2

if that is what you ment anyway

Answer #3

This maybe a little selfish to say… but I would shut down the site in that country… We are talking about a man’s freedom. And for something that may have been wrong to SAY because he didn’t even do anything… I rather see a site shut down then some one going to jail and I believe in some countries its legal to use torture… I am sorry if that sounds selfish but I wouldn’t be able to have a clean conscious knowing that some one is locked up with who knows what kind of murdered and criminals over something that was “SAID”. The country will find a new website to have fun on… and they will get over it!

Answer #4

Wow, that is an interesting question. I would agree with you Jeremy on some part, because if it was just one inappropriate joke, it would be stupid to just go arrest someone for it. Sometimes people don’t think when they write stuff on here, and well things like this happen, that doesn’t mean the person should get arrested because if the the guy would have said it in person, than he probably wouldn’t get arrested, would he? It all depends on the law in that country too though. But maybe it was a pretty serious thing he said and had to be investigated, so I’m not sure then.

Answer #5

Well, if you have a suspected paedophile that’s a different matter, but if we’re talking about a joke that isn’t in line with a repressive government, then thanks for staying out of it, thedude!

Answer #6

I’d say help the authorities arrest you, but that’s just me. It’s better than shutting down a country. That seems a little too much.

Answer #7

I think if they are doing anything illegal you should alert the authorities in their country, yes! but no need to punish the whole country!! just that person.

Answer #8

No you should not hand over the “data”, I feel that you should have a warning for people of that country that some of their information may not be as private as they like, if possible take a doctor patient attitude, if not possible than yes ban the country. Liberty and freedom were not forged over night and need to be protected. I don’t the details of the incident that you are referring to but as long as nobody is getting hurt than there really should be no need for people to be arrested. That said even “good” people make mistakes.

I firmly believe we should uphold our beliefs of freedom.

Hope that helps.

Answer #9

Thedude, I’m not sure how many people in this thread have really understood the circumstances you’re talking about (kloaiza86 does, though). Because you and I are both older people with perhaps a wider understanding of how repressive some governments can be, we know that some nations’ police can persecute, imprison and torture someone who appears to question their regime.

Therefore, you and I realise that handing someone over to the police of that state could equal handing them over to torture. I think that those who argue for handing over this person are only thinking in terms of their own country, and can’t grasp that other nations can be so different. The younger members on this site won’t remember Tiannamen Square or the fall of the Berlin Wall etc, let alone what goes on in a number of un-democratic countries today.

So, to sum up, you are saying that someone makes a joke/comment about a political or religious situation in their own country on Fun Advice. The authorities of that country are looking for people who do stuff like that online, but Fun Advice doesn’t give real names, so they can’t arrest that person. They come to you and ask you to tell the real name of that person. You have to choose - give the name and condemn the person to imprisonment, fine or worse, or block the entire country so that this kind of situation can never occur.

I agree with you, that it’s safer for the citizens of that country to keep off a site like this if it could result in their arrest. Politically, it’s a huge and difficult issue. Morally, in terms of one website, the issue is not so hard - best to block any country which might ask you to do this.

Answer #10

I’m not talking about a criminal I’m talking about something that, in the US, UK, Canada, Australia…dozens of countries, would Not get you arrested. But, in a certain country, it would.

So…it seems the consensus is, don’t block that country, simply hand over the data? I’m shocked. Seriously.

But…it’s good to know, in case it happens, and if it does…well, I’ll point the family of the incarcerated to this thread so they know who to blame.

Would that make you change your mind? Eg, if somebody’s relatives fun mailed you & asked why?

Answer #11

Well some jokes may be inappropriate but that doesn’t mean you have to shut down the website or get somebody arrested!!!

I don't want a website to be shut down, but I don't think you should get arrested becuase of a joke!!!    An inopropriatte joke shouldn't be a problem!  That is mainly why the user has to be 13 or viewers younger than 12 don't hear stuff like this!!!
 So  I would have to say neither, as in not shutting down a website or getting arrested!!!
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