How come people are so rude?

I was just wondering, how come people are so rude? When I answered the question about Obama, some of you not all of you didn’t like my answer. I was only giving my views on why I don’t like Obama and no! I’m not racist. Some of you think I am but, I’m not! I’m dealing with enough troubles as it is with school ending next week and so forth. How come people are so rude? I mean, why is it that when I try to give an answer to a political question, it always gets judged on? Should I have my own opinion? Maybe I shouldn’t. Anyway, I hope this question doesn’t get closed since all I want to know why people are rude. I loved your answer lish and I meant what I said. Feedback would be great but, no hateful comments please!

Answer #1

If you feel it was very rude, feel free to use the “report abuse” link, and if it crosses the line, we’ll remove it.

Answer #2

omg I complety agree with you… some people are just sensetive in the politcal areas.. yah know??? its not like that with all the questions,,, cause ya know a lot of people are upset with bush and obamma.. cause they have family frineds who die in war, and then all the money their paying 2 be over their.. I guess I don’t know

Answer #3

People can be offended by your opinion, if its based on totally incorrect information.

Answer #4

Couldn’t be put in better words, bigp34.

But remember: when dealing with minorities, they’re always right. Unless the new majority was a long-time minority, and new minority was once a long-time majority.

Don’t worry. We go through a radical, liberal phase about every 40 years. We’ll come out of it, just like we did in the 20s and 60s.

Answer #5

thank you leslie!!! captainassassin, if its wrong info, then why should it be offensive, b/c if its wrong, then it means it doesn exisit, so why be offended by something that doesn exsist?? anyways, people are rude b/c they have no maturity in them, I mean b/c they are mostly rude when they dont like you or they dont like what you said, as I keep saying, you can disagree without being rude. and they are rude b/c most of the time you hit a sore spot on them (meaning they know you are right) and they hate it so all they can do is be rude. we ALL are entitled to our opinion, no we dont all have to agree on the same thing, its called repsect, some people on here needs to learn how to use it, I know that sounds harsh, but theres some people that has none at all.

Answer #6

Their opinion still exists, its just misinformed. Ignorance is offensive, since its the cause of most of the hate & intolerance in this world (ignorance → assumptions → generalizations → fear → anger → hate → suffering). Instead of just ignoring it, I’d rather present the CORRECT information, to give the person the opportunity to become INFORMED, and possibly alter their opinion. Their reaction to the information provided, determines what happens next.

Answer #7

The fact of the matter is, no matter what your view, there will always be people who disagree with you. And some of these people just choose to use rude remarks to insult those with views they do not like. Its their nature (but of course its not nice)

Try to speak to them nicely, it might help though. And reason with them

Answer #8

1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America= FREEDOM OF SPEECH

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