Nasty questions

I know everyone has a right to freedom of speech, but why do some people ask disturbing questions on this site? It seems inappropriate to me.

Answer #1

people ask sex questions because they obviously need advice when It comes that subject.Ya sum can b a little gross but you have to b mature about it

Answer #2

It’s part of life, grow up a little and you’d understand that.

People have questions, that need answers. its perfectly normal whether they’re about sex or dolphins..hah.

Answer #3

What do you consider disturbing or nasty? Is your referring to sex questions, why is that nasty? It’s normal and they are just looking for advice.

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Answer #5

If you dont want to read it, dont open it. This site is for advice, that goes for sex as well. They have every right to ask questions about sex if they are curious about it. I see nothing wrong with it. They all go in the Love and Relationship section. Just stay out of that section if you feel you are too young to read it.

Answer #6

Because there are the few (or possibly the many?) who think “freedom of speech” means “freedom to abuse the right to speak about many, many inappropriate things.” lol

Answer #7

Freedom of speech is importan people. just because its a sex q doesnt mean its nasty. if you don’t want to read them avoid it. its importan for people to ask these qs if you don’t like them go to a differnt site.

Answer #8

because some people dont learn about sex from their parents their parents luckily in my family I dont get the talk its just that my family is so gross on its own I knew what a blowjob was when I was 6

Answer #9

exactly if you think this stuff is innapropriate then dont read it or click on it it is as simple as that

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Answer #11

well it’s called funadvise for to put there question this site and get advise yea some of the ?’s on here are a bit rowdy but is just a site you know

Answer #12

I agree with imme they just don’t want to ask real people so they ask it on here

Answer #13

People usually ask disturbing questions to get a rise out of other people.

Answer #14

because they all little nasties

Answer #15

OMG…Are you seriously asking this question. This question shows your immaturity. Think…this is funADVICE. The place where people have the right to ask whatever they want and get answers to their questions. Either get over the questions or dont look at em…GEEZ. And a word of ADVICE…grow up some. Sex is a normal way of life. One day your gonna look back on this a be like “omg I was stupid for doing that” your going to feel so dumb when you grow up some more.

Answer #16

Because they want to know the answer to the question…why else do people ask questions?

If the question violates the Terms of Use it will be deleted. Just because a question is “nasty” to you doesn’t mean that it is to other people.

And in response to an age limit on questions…you do realize that a lot of the Love and Relationship questions come from 13-18 year old’s, right? A lot of these girls/boys have no idea what they’re talking about and they need someone to clue them in. If they were not able to ask those kind of questions then they would be ignorant to the way things really are.

FunAdvice is about giving advice to someone that wants and needs it…

Answer #17

because they are stupid and dont know what theyre talking about

Answer #18

nickthetristar, most of those questions go into the Love & Relationships category BECAUSE they don’t show up on the homepage. It’s your own responsibility not to go in there if you don’t want to see it.

Answer #19

I think there should be age limits on certain questions, because I’m only 13 and I don’t want to be hearing about all theses things that are totally inappropriate to me.

suggestions: make and adult section of funadvice? put age restricions on certain questions do not show these questions on the main question page.


Answer #20

because some people are curious and they really want to know things thats what this site is made for so people can get advice if you dont like it dont respond to it or dont read it

Answer #21

People ask questions because they need answers! And why shouldnt 13 year old’s know all about sex or what ever it is thats nasty or inapropriate? ‘Nigil800’ if a girl doesnt know why her “part” stinks, she’s just going to live with it and get embarrased because of it, right? Wrong! we all need answers for different typeS of questions, if you don’t like some of them, then just dont read them! And I also agree with ‘lish54’s answer…

Answer #22

Yeah, people need advice. Some questions are gross but whatever, I guess..

Answer #23

If you don’t like the question then don’t read it…it’s as simple as that.

Answer #24

because they need advice. Why do you ask questions? Duh!!! To get answers!!! So if someone asks a question about self pleasure, sexual activities, private body parts, drugs, pregnancy, or whatever YOU find “disturbing”, just scroll down the page or don’t look at it! It’s as simple as that!!!

Answer #25

Hello, all. I would like to say a few things. I am eighteen years old. I have never seen any questions from the Love and Relationship section. I have seen questions like “why does my lady part smell like fish?” ,”why do my breasts hurt?” , and “how do I smoke marijuana?”. Those are just examples. I am not trying to pick on whoever wrote them. I am just saying I have seen questions that I feel are inappropriate. I just don’t understand why someone would ask disturbing questions. I am not certain that that is appropriate for all age groups. I am certain that you would want people of all ages to visit the site. I hope that I have not offended anyone.

Answer #26

Obviously if people don’t like the question’s theme,topic,or impliation, they shouldn’t click on it.Why click on a question you dispise just to scowl at it?That’s a waste of your personal time,and most likley dumb. :(

Answer #27

like its been said, if you find them disturbing, over look them and dont clickon it. theres a variety types of people on here, not all people’s parents talk to them bout sex, mine didnt, so I learned a lot on here. and no that hasn caused me to go out and be a slut but im just sayin not all parents give their kids the talk, so when they get curious this is the place they got to turn to b/c they may feel uncomfortable to talk to their parents bout it, since they didnt bring it up to them. if its something that I dont want to know or I think is nasty, I ignore it and move on. and if you feel that way, you should do the same

Answer #28

Some people have questions that they cant ask other ppla and its easier to ask people you dont no because they wont judge you they just help you… think about it.

Answer #29

Can I ask what question you are referring to?

We don’t allow questions that are obscene, graphic, profane, crude, rude, or obnoxious (as per the ToU).

Usually questions like this are locked or removed.

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