Update on policies, if you post in admiration of atrocity

Yes, I know, I know - the site is open to all. However, if you do read the rules, then there are some things, frankly, we’re just not going to put up with. There is a reason we put in the “offensive to the funadvice community”…if you post that you admire some historical figure who massacred, slaughtered, committed genocide, etc, etc - then your account is forfeit.

Perhaps that’s unfair, and people don’t realize that talking up somebody who led the largest genocide of the modern era wouldn’t be considered “offensive”, however, the member in question claimed to be 20 years old. Personally, I expect more. Wanton, willful ignorance or hate speech (or trying to incite a riot) here, simply isn’t OK by us :)

For what it’s worth, my staff disagreed with my decision of a moment ago. However, I thought I’d remind everybody & also, ask: if somebody shows up & tries to incite a riot invoking outrageous claims…should we keep them on board, or remove their privilege to use the site?

Answer #1

ethmer: agreed :)

And, for what it’s worth, I should have done what you guys are saying. My bad :(

Sucks when I make mistakes, but, next time I’ll try to do better. The delete / warn thing is a far better policy.

Answer #2

I don’t have a problem with someone admiring a bad person, but it can cross a line into offense, and I think you should make that call. This is a private website, so no, the people who use it don’t have freedom of speech.

I think an appropriate punishment would be a funmail explaining, and a suspension from user privileges.

Answer #3

I don’t have a problem with people ‘admiring’ anyone even though it seems like a silly thought for someone to admire such person. BUT this isn’t the place to be posting that kind of stuff, just thinking about the young ones, the people it may offend, etc. I think the person should have had a warning about it and if they didn’t accept their responsibility then yeah, they don’t need to be here.

It seems like some people get offended really easily sometimes around here, makes me wonder where the line is crossed.

Answer #4

I think go with the tried and true “delete question and funmail warn”. Especially if the person is new. Nine times out of ten, most people don’t even read the Terms of Use before signing up- they really should, but often they don’t.

I honestly thought the matter in question was not handled the best way it could be. I can see how some people would find it offensive, but I honestly think, if re-worded in a certain way, the question would have passed for acceptable. But yeah…kinda pointless now that the deed is done.

Answer #5

“However, I thought I’d remind everybody & also, ask: if somebody shows up & tries to incite a riot invoking outrageous claims…should we keep them on board, or remove their privilege to use the site?”

I personally think that the Question or Answer should be Deleted and a special Fun Mail sent that advises them that that type of post is not acceptable on Fun Advice and that continuous similar posting will result in their account’s termination.

My reasoning is two-fold:

First, they may be new to the site and not familiar with their responsibilities in posting hereon.

Second, what’s offensive to one person may not be offensive to another, for various reasons. Accordingly, it is more civil to advise them that their post offends many people and therefore is not allowed.

I realize that it is your site but I still think censoring the post and advising/warning the individual is a more responsible action and benefits the site more in the long run. People occasionally make mistakes yet in the long run they may be beneficial members of the site.

    I hope you do not take offense,
    To that that's gone before;
    'Tis only that it's my two-cents,
    And not one penny more. §;o)
Answer #6

I think it fits under the rule against flame baiting… it’s obvious they’re simply trying to provoke people…

Answer #7

Btw, an interesting addendum to this: the individual never contacted us after their account was deleted…which does, in many ways, confirm my suspicion they were here to incite a riot, not to get advice or make friends.

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