What is a good car for a 16 year old?

my parents are giving me a $65,000 limit, and there are so many options, i dont know what to get. i need something cute and not so manly!

Answer #1

Toyota Corolla. Not too fast, reliable, and pretty safe. Doesn’t look too bad either.

Answer #2

Lucky! Don’t get flashy cause that will attract unwanted people to your car, start out with a Ford, Honda, or Toyota. I would suggest what kind of car, but I don’t know what you like. Choose something that’s environmentally friendly, has room for you and friends, and whatever else you feel you want in your car.

Answer #3

an 800cc corsa

Answer #4

audi q7 tre reli nice

Answer #5

:D a Voltswagon Bug!!! You should totally buy it! Don’t forget to buy a knome for your car :)

Answer #6

Toyota or Honda.

Corolla or Civic would be a good starting car. Even an older Accord or Camry as well. Can’t go wrong really with any of these four cars.

Answer #7

A “$65,000 limit” ?! Holy crap, I think I just had a nose bleed. If you are actually being serious, then here you go:

I would advise something ‘flashy’ as Will also suggested. I know people with expensive cars who wouldn’t leave them parked in the local shopping center in fear something would happen to them (eg. scratched, broken into etc).

Young drivers (myself being one of them), are also more prone to accidents (I’m not trying to start fights, it’s statistics) and insurance is much more expensive for them. You also have to keep in mind that in many locations young drivers have restrictions on the car that they can drive (for example, engine size etc).

Unless you are knowledgeable about cars, I would also steer away from more ‘vintage’ cars, especially if they require some sort of repair job or regular maintenance.

The Toyota Corolla is probably a pretty good choice, I know a few people who drive one. I’d also recommend Hyundei getz which I personally find a great drive.

Whatever your choice is, I advise you to do a lot of research before you rush out and buy a car. Remember, you still have to pay rego & insurance. Don’t just go out and buy an expensive car because you can, keep in mind your parents have worked hard for that money. Go for as many test drives as you feel you need and don’t let salesmen bully you.

Answer #8

advise against something flashy*

Answer #9

A matchbox car>>>>>lol

Answer #10

i got a Mustang for my 16th birthday,and i love it(:

Answer #11

Toyota or honda

Answer #12

wait a minute 65000 Id go with a BMW

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