how do i change oil on my harley davidson motorcycle?

Answer #1

Got this from my uncle: Remove the filler cap from the oil tank and place the catch basin right under the drain plug on the oil tank. Hold a siphon between the oil tank and the catch basin. If your Harley has it’s own drain hose use that. Use a socket wrench to remove the drain plug from the bottom of the oil tank. Oncel all the oil has drained into the basin, screw the drain plug back into the oil tank.Find your oil filter usually under the seat and take the lid off the cylinder’s housing so you can remove the cylinder. Use needlenose pliers to unlatch the clip and take out the used oil filter. Replace the filter with a new one and reassemble and replace the filter set up. Check your service manual to see how much oil you need and then poor the oil into the tank. Make sure you tighten the cap to the tank properly.

Or try watching the video.

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