what are some good cars names if your car is a dude?

Answer #1

Stevie, Clint, erm…..Bob. :D

Answer #2

Bruce Lennie Vince Chuck Troy favourite guy film star or singer Nick

Answer #3

One of my guy friends just got a car and named it “Jimmy the Fiery Red Dragon” lol. But you cant steal that name…he might get mad at you ;P

Answer #4

I named my dad’s car Dale, but my dad got upset about that, especially after I said, “You ride a guy to work everyday.”

Answer #5

Andy Rascall Blaze Charlie Tucker Hudson Miles Ryder Cooper

Hope this helps =]

Answer #6

Dudemeister. Jimmy Jo. The Man. The Beast. Steve McQueen (from cars). Billy Bob. Love Machine. Zebbie. Speedy. Webster. Willy.

Answer #7

Michael Angelo :)

Answer #8

Damon? Calvin the car?

Answer #9

Synyster, Johnny, Jeff. I would prefer Synyster because it sounds AWESOME

Answer #10

It really depends on the characteristics of your whip. My friend named his vehicle the SPIDER which was pretty cool until he told me that it was because his car was crawling with spiders.

Answer #11

Well, I’ve got a couple that I can’t list here. The one’s I can list are Red Rocket (if its red) Cheviac (if it is one, lol) Something that makes fun of its name… like, if its an impala, call it a Wimpala (the front-drive ones) umm… hmm what else…

tracker=jacker cavalier=crapalier ranger=danger ranger just some ideas there.

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