What are some good cheap cars for racing?

Yo I wanna get a car around 5k-8k. It has to be in under 10k, im not rich. Im really good at racing but I need a car to start with so I can upgrade it’s performance. Something like an m3 e36, 350z, 300zx, supra, skyline r32, you know anything in the low price range but with good performance. I hate those ricer cars, like honda civics, and am certainly not gonna buy a friggin toyota(except the supra). So just give me a list of cars that I might wanna take a look at.

Answer #1

In your question you already listed cars you should look at and are interested in. You answered your own question, yo.

Answer #2

Find a repo/towing yard and buy one at auction. Usually they don’t have any major problems b/c unlike buying from a person they didn’t wait until everything was broken before selling. They’re just old, ugly, beat up and dirt cheap which is perfect for racing. Do still perform all scheduled maintenance and install the necessary racing safety equipment.

Answer #3

Oh sorry as for individual models the repos will be older and chaper than what you listed, i.e. old BMW 3 or 7 (?), 200zx, older style supra, etc. RX-7s too, the older models are actually more reliable. You’re looking at maybe $300-$700 but if you’re gonna race you need to be ready for wrecks and dents so no sense spending a pile of dough.

Answer #4

If you’re looking for a new car, its hard to get better than the Chevy Cobalt SS for the money.

Answer #5

Also, the Dodge Neon was built for the purpose of blowing everything else away and they apparently manage very well but I like nothing more than my Cobalt on the track. I don’t race it, but I find that a few 120 mph laps (stock) to be mentally beneficial, at times.

Answer #6

It depends what type of racing you want to do. The cheapest car I can think of is a Mazda Miata, but it’s not good. You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one. mahindraxylo.net

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