1990 Toyota Supra non turbo, does that sound like a good car?

I’m thinking of getting a 1990 Toyota Supra non turbo. What are you opinions on the car and do you think I should get it. It only got 2k miles on the new engine.

Answer #1

Depends on what you going to use the car for. If you want high speeds, rapid acceleration : then yes, that car would be perfect for you. If you need a car to go to your job and shopping, then you should take something else. Keep in mind that the Toyota Supra 1990 is an 18-year old car, and you will be getting problems with some parts. The older a vehicle is, the more expensive the parts are for it (unless they’re the same in post 1990- toyota models). So, if you really want to enjoy speed - get the toyota supra, but have some cash on the side in case something breaks. If you want a car for transportation, get a Camry or a Honda or a Huyndai. It is up to you ! Good luck and be careful on the road

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