Who else thinks that the Gran Torino Sport is a good car?

yes i know its old, but if u know cars, and are a car person like i am, do u think its cooool?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t kick one out of the garage.

Answer #2

My dad useed to build those things.They were great back then..collectors items now.

Answer #3

i would run one hard if you ask me. A car is a car, let it serve its purpose; especially if it’s got the 429 in it.

Of course it’s a cool car. It’s actually looks quite intimidating if you ask me, it’s a beast.

Personally though, i really find the 1971 Fastback to be a better car for me though.

Answer #4

thank u! ima look up the fast back… and yeah it is that part of the reason i like it. thank u for taking ur time to answer…

Answer #5

yes, but i love them! lol thats gonna be my car. lol

Answer #6

thank u for answering! i agree with u!

Answer #7

:) cooooool.

Answer #8

Im a car girl too, what can i say? haha

Answer #9

hahaha alot of my friends arnt, lol but its cool

Answer #10

thanks for answering

Answer #11

no lie, it’s quite rare. we should talk about them some time (^_^)

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