Can religion help with anxiety?

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If you believe it can

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Yes, if you believe it can

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Religion is a controversial topic almost everyone has their own belief system (they may be different but that is ok) and it really depends on who you ask some people will be really religious and may just say to "pray about it and it will go away" that might help or it may not, its all really about wether you are a religious person or not, and that is a decision you have to make for yourself. If you are religious maybe go to a church and talk to a priest or just pray at home by yourself or with your family. But if you are not religious try finding the reason of your stress and/or fears and hopefully find a solution to lower or completely take away the issue that is causing your anxiety. If you have severe anxiety maybe go talk to a doctor and he might be able to help. It all really comes down to wether you are a "believer" or not.

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It can, but it would be much better if people could just accept death instead of coming up with imaginary characters to make them feel better

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