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what does the word"freedom" mean to you?

what does the word"freedom" mean to you?


What is a beautiful girl name that means freedom?

No, I don't mean the name Freedom, I mean a name that MEANS freedom. If you could help quickly I'd love you forever! Thankz


How are modern music videos affecting social freedom for women?

When looking into history, around the 1920s, flappers where women that dressed in an unorthodox manner. When looking into our modern society, women are doing the same now and the name for them has also changed. Do you feel that the media (ex : Rihanna,...


What are some good rights and/or freedoms that we have or you wish we had?

I have to make a country with a population of 1 million for my end of term civics project. i need to make a flage (done) a brochure, answer questions, make a map (of everything) and stuff. It is due tomorrow :S (great). i guess i kinda slacked on it or...


what racey means.

what racey really means because if people has freedom to express themselves I think they can do it if they dont hurt anyone nobody has to say that is too racey or something what do you think about that any answer is welcome thank you.


is it true if a person can say bad words to you?

like if you didint do nothing to the person and he comes up and says bad words to you
a friend of mine said freedom of spech i can say anything even curse words to you.
and im like isnt that harassment


Is turning 16 an important milestone ?

Im turning 16 in less than a week and I was wondering that for some people turning 16 is a very important milestone , why do you think that it makes it one ? Personally I think that 18 is the age when one becomes an aldut although some more freedom is ...


Censored on Radio..

Why is it, that we have a freedom of speech but artist alway's get censored out on the radio? When they use fowl language or what not..but you cant say you dont want your kid's hearing it cause you can turn the channel or at least no what they listen t...


Worry free in the rain!

This might be wierd or just crazy but when it rains does anybody get a sense of freedom? and worryfreeness of anything like when it rains at nite I feel like going in it and feeling free and just getting my hair wet and feel like the world is like at a...


Government Questions (Extra Credit!!!)

Were can I find out more about certain country's form of leadership, how the leader is selected, and the voting rights and personal freedoms of citizens other than school? I want to do an extra credit report about every country on earth that tells all ...


Have you ever wanted to be a certain age

have you ever wanted to be a certain age again. once you pass a age you can never go back which I think sorta suck. Cause I like being 15. it going to suck when I turn 16 I think. right now I got ton of freedom. and dont got much to worry about. but th...


Why do people still hate mexicans?

Why do people hate mexican? I just don't get it whats the big diffrence between mexicans and us or you? It's so foolish of people to blame mexicans for many sruff if we all now that no one came legal to the usa .supposly usa is the place for freedom .w...


Is there anyway i can petition against a county law rule about piercings?

Okay i know this sounds stupid,but yesterday i went to a local piercing shop to get mircodermal anchors on each side of my wrist. But apprently,from what the co owner said,out here the county has a rule that no one can get their piercing liscense for i...


What is a good way to get out of state quick and a runaway situation?

I have a predicament. I am a 17 year old who is on felony probation for a rather serious charge. I have no parents or biological family and where I live I am treated like a chained dog. I have no freedom and when I do get it it is limited and supervise...


What are you thankful for

Its like a week til thanksgiving, so im wondering what are you thankful for??

Im thankful that I actually have both of my parents (meaning their not divorced, most people I know their parents are :( ), im thankful, for my whole family and for the o...


What has life become?

I feel like there is nothing left to life, or rather that I am living life, but not experiencing it. its become so mundane and brain numbingly boring. like a slow torture, like a slow never ending dance where there is no change in step, or rhythm, or m...


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