What happened when general custard took off his boots?

It's a math sheet #4.8 from PUNCHLINE algebra book A. Can't figure out the answer to the joke.

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Well, I presume the General's name was Custer, in which case

Q. What happened when General Custer took off his boots?
A. He encountered defeat.

..... just about works as a corny joke (pun intended).

There are several other possible joke answers including:
"He faced defeat.";
"He smelled defeat.";
"He suffered dreadfully in defeat."

General George Armstrong Custer is most famous as the military commander who was DEFEATed at the "Battle of the Little Bighorn", during the "Indian Wars", when fighting against the indigenous population.

The "joke" relies upon the homophonous similarity of "defeat" and "the feet", thus when took off his boots he encountered the feet.

Ho-hum. I know you should never try to explain a joke.
A joke only ever works if you "get it" yourself within a relatively short period
of hearing or reading it.

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Q. What happened when General Custer punctured his inflatable Dutch shoes at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?

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A. He popped his clogs.

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A. Custer's Last Stand.

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Thanks! Turned out I had all the math problems right I just put the letters in the wrong spot... :P

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Oh and our version was "he smelled defeat" *bored laugh*

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:P did you

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make these up?

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