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How to read toxicology report?

How to read toxicology report?


What are these moving pictures called?

what are those moving pictures called... the ones that blink and stuff... like his one...


What does this Spanish phrase mean, pinche miota?

I need some help with a phrase. Me and my friend were joking around yesterday and he called me something in spanish...I have no idea what it means or how to spell it, but I think its 'pinche miota' or something like that..I know its an insult though. C...


What is 37.7 degrees Celcius in Fahrenheit?

37.7 degrees celcius is how many degrees in Fahrenheight? That's my body temperature. Do I have a fever?

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What are the differences between dieing, dying and lieing, lying?

Are dieing and lieing actually words? If so, when do you use them?
What's the difference between dieng and dying?
What's the difference between lieing and lying?


What are some hilarious names people know?

My friends and I sometimes go for hours off and on saying and coming up with ridiculously random names. some sound somewhat realistic, others are really out there. if anything just for a goozer of a laugh, make one up. I'll start...sherrin bozini, c...


when did the first Mix (Black/white) person born?

I got to thinking about black being enslave and all that well since back then black was not allow with white so there fore a mix (white/black) baby couldn't be born when was the first Mix baby born?

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what are some good nicknames for Alana

Hey my names Alana (pronunced: uh-lay-nuh). I need help finding a good nickname..
I've been going by Lainy, but for some reason people don't like it, and when they say it, it sounds weird. Also, guys here are turned off by it for some reason? Last ye...


Tricky Question #5

If you overtake the last person, then you are...?


Is KFC open tomorrow?

I live in Canada and it's a holiday tomorrow, not sure about the US but does anyone know if KFC will be open? I'd call but it's too late.

(I guess I mean *today*, Friday)


Leave out All the Rest- in Twilight

the song Leave out all the rest by Lincoln Park. that song is in the twilight movie. what scene is it to? I cant figure it out


Is the "n" word a bad word?

Yeah, I'm asking fa for their own opinion...

All my life I have been called the "n" word in school.

So people are just so mean too me. Make fun of me all my life, I wanted to quit school at time.

But now that I'm in college, everyone calls the...


What does it mean when someone says that they plead the fifth

What does it mean when someone says that they plead the fifth


What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?

What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?


How does photography relate to math?

How photography relates to math?


Do you have a security blanket or stuffed animal from when you were small that you still own?

Im talking about the one thing you wouldnt let go of when you were little that you were inseperable from. I still have my blankie and my son used it when he was an infant also, ive since put it up though so it wont be ruined and will be around for our ...


What smell would you like to wake up to?

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “Wake up and smell the coffee!” If you could wake up every morning to the distinct smell of any one thing, what would you choose?

I think I'd take:
1. Blueberry muffins
2. Cappaccino
3. Money ;)

Yeah, I know I cho...


What does this phrase mean, "when the moment comes..."?

does any one no what ""when the moment comes, take the top one""


How can you live on an indian reservation?

I need a little more insight than what google has to offer. I can't find much on it. I have quite a lot of Cherokee blood in me, and I would likely qaulify with a white and a blue card to get in, but I can't find a geneaology site that can help me with...


Why are you supposed to pick up your feet when you drive over train tracks?

I understand why people hold their breath while driving past a Cemitary, so that the 'bad' sperits dont go into you, and i get why your supposed to cover your head with your arms when you drive under a bridge, protection if the bridge crashes. But why ...


Where can I find a good personality test?

Where can I find a good personality test?>


Nickname ideas for stephanie other than steph?

My names Stephanie;
and I want a good nickname.

but nothing like steph;
something good :)


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