Is your grandma's food the best?

Mine's is... gosh I can be eating it all day!!! it's so delicious!!!

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Mmmm hmmm mines sure was, haven't been able to replace the way she cooked. Been 23 years, I miss her homemade chunky applesauce the best mmmmmmmm

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It was, may she rest in peace. Lucky she left her recipes to my mum and I so we can continue cooking amazing food for the family. But we can only hope to be half the woman she was.

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My grandma on my dad's side has passed on but she always made the best Italian food. Hand made wedding soup, pasta, chocolate cake, everything. My grandma on my mom's side is also a really good cook. Nothing really hand made but she always has a special touch to everything yummmmm

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definitely! i love my grandma's cooking, especially when we have our thanksgiving/christmas/etc suppers :)

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yeah,i love my grandma's food.They are the best.

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yes it is, she's a better cook than my mom.

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