Do you think this was a bad customer service or not?

I was buying a subway sandwich, and i was asking for the toppings and i told her to put lettuce, tomatoes onions, but i didnt know the name of the other toppings,so i pointed with my finger and tolder to put this and that, and she told me that i have to talk, but i was talking what did she want me to do? To scream at her that was crazy. I mean what happened with the good manners like here you are sir, enjoy, have a good day and all that stuff now everything is like you have to talk and barking about it lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

I WOULD have screamed at her! ;)

Answer #2

Woah. Too many run on sentences. I don’t think that was bad costumer service. I think you’re overreacting. She probably just didn’t know what you were pointing too.

Answer #3

I think you need to occupy your mind with things that are more important rather than fixating on little things.

I think that is a bit of an overreaction on your part. It’s definitely not the best customer service but nothing to dwell on really. Remember, people in customer service are people too. They have bad days too. And really, they’ve probably had to deal with a ton of annoying or down-right rude people all day. None of those are excuses, of course, for terrible customer service, but sometimes we’ve got to be understanding too and perhaps be a little nicer.

Answer #4

As frustrating as it may be for you to be told that you need to be specific, just how imagine how frustrating it is for the person on the other side of the counter, who can’t read your mind or figure out what you’re pointing at and add the fact that she probably deals with people like this on a regular basis. Keep in mind that, while you may be pointing at something specific in your field of vision, the view for her on the other side is quite different - she can’t see what you’re pointing at when you’re on the other side and behind a pane of glass … there’s a difference of perception.

You need to stop expecting people to just know what you mean … nobody can read your mind, and if she needed you to tell her what it was you wanted, then you needed to comply … pointing and hinting is useless.

In the future, it might be in your best interest to know what you want, or go without, and stop expecting people to offer you great service if you can’t clearly state what you’re looking for.

Answer #5

I didnt know the name of all the toppings that is why i have to do a research before asking just kidding dont get mad please.

Answer #6

Okay, I used to work at Subway and I can totally understand where the employee was coming from. If a customer was just pointing at the different options through the glass, I wouldn’t be able to tell which one the customer was pointing at. I think you should have explained to her that you don’t know the word for it and just described it. By the way, there are usually labels on the side of the glass of the names of the veggies. Working at Subway was tough, you have to deal with a lot of rude people and you need to make sure that you’re quick with customers so you have time to make bread and bake cookies and wash dishes and whatever else that needs to be done in the back… She was probably just stressed already if she came off rude.

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