Why is it so hard for people to use proper spelling and grammar?

I really enjoy helping people out and answering questions, but I refuse to answer questions that don’t have at least semi-literate spelling and grammar. I understand typos, but people who are too lazy to try and spell words correctly, and don’t capitalize there I’s. Everyone has an opportunity to go to school. I learned basic English writing and grammar in 2nd through 8th grade. Spelling is not hard either. If you have internet access you can spell almost anyword. So I have a few questions. Why is it so hard to use correct spelling and grammar on here? Does anyone else get annoyed by this? Finally, Is it wrong to not answer a question because of failure to use correct conventions?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and answer this.

Answer #1

yeah but thats there problem hun not yours… so try not to let it get to you…

Answer #2

Again very good point, thank you listen. =]

I am still open to hearing other peoples comments, or concerns.

Answer #3

listen- You make a pretty good point, it’s just it still bothers me that people are that lazy. If your going to take the time to ask a question, might as well take a couple extra minutes to use correct conventions.

Answer #4

It isnt hard for them, most of them simply choose not to… (it’s pretty obvious when it is a person’s second language, in which case it doesnt count) I understand what you’re talking about, and it’s a form of internet slang… If you dont want to read those questions then dont… If something takes me more than a couple of seconds to comprehend because pple want 2 rite like this, then I just dont read the question…

Answer #5

Some people think this is akin to sending cell phone sms messages to each other and, as such, forget that the laws of grammar and spelling apply. It doesnt annoy me as such, it just makes me laugh, especially when said person tries to insult me because I pull them up over it. I think your perfectly within your rights to ignore badly spelled and grammatically incorrect posts

Answer #6

Well now that was very critical and reading your statement below:

“If your going to take the time to ask a question, might as well take a couple extra minutes to use correct conventions.

The proper way of saying that is “If you’re”

English may not be some peoples first language, or they are just not very strong in spelling. It is very critical I think to say something like that. Sorry.

Answer #7

no it dont bother me, I understand that its hard to understand the questions sometimes, but they come on this site for help not criticization about there grammer and spelling, sometimes there just really excited about there questions and want to get it all out… if you want to help em with the question and dont understand… ask em about it. dont just push the question aside because of inproper spelling and grammer.

Answer #8

You made a few mistakes in your original post.

People in glass houses…

Answer #9

I think it is because it is easy to just type and not worrie about things like that

Answer #10

wow, this isnt a spelling site, you can say things however you wanna. and if you dont like the way soem people type, guess what? your gonna have 2 DEAL WITH IT! or just get off the site!

Answer #11

Makes me so mad.

Answer #12

Writing correctly is a big aid in expressing one’s intelligence and/or educational level. I agree that it is very important to always put your best foot forward in doing that… and in all that you do.

Perhaps, however, “not” to answer someone based on their intellect or their educational level may not be a totally sound idea. You may have to decide “that “question on more of a moral basis.

For example, if a person were to ask which “game” everyone preferred and their grammar was a complete, disregarding wreck, then you may “not” want to answer the question.

However, if a small child needed some serious advice to help them avoid a life threatening situation…and their grammer was not totally correct when they asked the question…would you deny them the information based on that?

If a person from a foreign country were to ask a serious question about what causes “HIV” or “AIDS”… would you deny them the information if English were not their native language and their grammar in English was not correct?

All of us make mistakes and typos now and then. Not everyone is well schooled in the English language… nor does everyone in the world have the wonderful opportunity to even go to school. So, we must also take “other things” into consideration.

Therefore, just as you have applied your wisdom to the importance of the correct application of the English language. Equally justified, you should perhaps apply that same wisdom in considering the “source” of what was written and make intelligent decisions, on a “one-to-one” basis, avoiding the tragic mistake of stereo-typing all persons who misuse the gramatical rules of the english language.

I believe that my personal justification for this topic would be “W.W.J.D.”. Some folks will understand what that is. And others don’t. But I certainly would not think ill of those who don’t. I would simply feel that they don’t understand it, perhaps have never encounter the saying it represents, and have not applied it to their own lives.

The world is a complicated place and sometimes there just isn’t one single answer to an individual question. There are many, and not all the answers are easy ones. However, if you take each individual problem in your life that you encounter and always temper your response with love, understanding and respect from your heart… well, then many of the answers to some of the things you face will be easier to decide in your lifetime.

Yes, it really is a pity that people who have the mental abiltiy and the education to employ what they have learned…simply don’t. But I just cannot justify, for myself, to place everyone in that same category if their results are similar, but their life’s experiences are not.

I Hope this has helped you to decide intelligently for yourself.

You dun have a gud dae now ! :-)

Answer #13

It is just a way to write in like a txt or something I guess

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