Why do people use fake pics?

Why do people use fake pics of themselves? I dont understand why…o.o

Answer #1

I dont use fake pics but the pics I have are just things off of google. I cant download real pics because I dont ahve the stuff

Answer #2

because they are afraid to show who they really are. they are to afraid of what people will think of them it really lamb because idc what people think of me

Answer #3

I dont use fake pics, I use pics of things that I like? I guess is the scary part of the internet that you dont know what is or who is out there. it could also be a famous person covering their identity. but I think when and if you want to get to know the person he or she should be honest.

Answer #4

because they like the fake pic and want everyone else to enjoy it with them.

Answer #5

or maybe they’ll get in trouble for having an account or something online. hm, ever think of that one? a fake picture makes it less likely to be caught.

Answer #6

I think people use fake pics because maybe they hate themselves or want to be the person in the pic. hmm. lol x

Answer #7

I don’t understand either…I guess it’s just that they think people would like them better if they think they look pretty…I dunno…

Answer #8

Because they are ashamed of themselves I guess, its sad. If you ever see someone on here with a fake picture CLAIMING to be them, make sure you report it to an advisor so one of the admins can take care of it. We don’t allow that type of thing here. People are certainly allowed to post pictures of other people but when it says “This is me” “Me” etc. as the caption, thats crossing the line.

Answer #9

Wow, thats lame. haha.

Answer #10

They probably use fake pictures because they’re too self conscious about how THEY look but rather lonely and want to talk to someone. who knows. I think its usually little kids like REALLY REALLY young ones who does this. I’ve witnessed some. Sad.

OH and a lot loves to use fake pictures to destroy the persons lives. You know what I mean? Like fake myspaces of people and all? YEAH I’ve had some of those fake profiles made of ME.

Answer #11

I discovered one member doing that recently, using ANOTHER member’s pictures.


shakes head

Answer #12

I dont know I’ve noticed a lot of girls on this site that use fake pics and say its them

Answer #13

because they suck, and their posers!!!

Answer #14

to hide their identity..

Answer #15

Insecure, or anonymous.

Answer #16

Okay, thanks (: you’re very helpful!


Answer #17

Insecure about themselves

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