Why do so few people on here know how to spell correctly?

I have noticed that many posters on here do not spell correctly. It just makes me wonder what they do in school if they are not learning good grammar and spelling. For example, someone might ask how to LOOSE weight, when they really should be asking how to LOSE weight. I can understand one or two typos, but when its almost the whole post, it makes me think really hard about where I want to raise my daughter.

Answer #1

Above me, look it up. I’m sure its somewhere on the internet.

As for the spelling thing, internet and instant messenging are one of the few chances people get to let go. Its one of those moments where people just don’t care, you know? Basically, its done on purpose because it looks cool. No matter where you send your kid, she’s going to write like this on the internet. its like teenage swearing: you dont like, but parents, is there anything you can really do about it? They’re going to do it behind your back anyways, so just suck it on and move on, no offense.

Answer #2

Honestly, I don’t care about spelling. Or grammer. Why should I care? As long as one can read it and understand it then whats the big deal?

Answer #3

People in general today cannot spell correctly, nor do they even understand the basic rules of tense, and grammar. Partly it is the sad state of our educational system, and partly it is because of the deluge of Madison Avenue Speak - advertising spelling, and jargon that is both grammatically incorrect, bot, moreover, frequently spelled wrong. And, thanks to Walt Kelly (creator of Pogo) we have the non-word: Irregardlessly, which means “without without regards” Worse yet are all the people who pronounce the fine middle English word “valet” like Val- Lay, in order to sound French, and Cultured. Too bad for them that it is NOT French, it Comes from (n.) Varlet, and a Valet is a Gentleman’s private servant, one who lays out your morning suit, and shaving gear, polishes your shoes, and generally performs for a Gentleman, the similar tasks that a Lady’s Chambermaid does for her. People end sentences in prepositions, cannot spell “vacuum” correctly, and do not differentiate between insure and ensure, further and farther, who and whom, immigrant and emigrant and have fallen in love with two phrases I find intolerable

  1. “short lived” and 2.”quality time” the latter is horrible. Quality is neither good nor bad, it is a descriptor. Feces has a quality - it is germ-ridden, and it stinks. Charlie Manson spent “quality time” with the Sharon Tate, and Abigail Folger, it was very poor quality, since he butchered them to death…but that too is a “quality”

It is interesting to note that for many years now all the winners of the regional and national Spelling Bees have been HOME SCHOOLED!

                   GO FIGGER!

Peace Out - Ridgerunner

Answer #4

haha guys calm down, I don’t think we were really arguing. I got over it like, 7 hours ago.. it’s not that serious, no need to call in the bunnies..

Answer #5

HUGE EXPLOSION AND PINK FLUFFY BUNNIES ARE FIRED ABOUT THE PLACE Everyone calm down! We all have our own opinions, and there is already too much fighting in this world! Settle down and take a deep breath. Is it really worth arguing over how people spell on here? No!

Answer #6

Okay okay. You are both allowed your own opinions. Miomiomio, no need to start the name calling. If your going to post a public question, you cant always expect to hear what you want. Its life though, move on. :)

Answer #7

I’m not trying to change anyone, I’m just telling that you need to grow up and get over it because publicly saying how uneducated people on this site can be is not doing very much for how people perceive you either.

and to steal a line from you, if you don’t like it , why do you read my answers? get a life.

Answer #8

Tina, if you don’t like it, why do you read it? Your answers, as far as I have seen, are very rude and childish. Being rude does not make people change, it just makes everyone dislike you.

Answer #9

well I think that you should just b proud that they are answering your questions, no1 probably cares how they spell on here because they probably dont think it really matters, which it doesnt so…

Answer #10

I know what you mean, I get annoyed by it too. I remember there was this one person that wanted to become an advisor on the site, and she didn’t type right and that is probley one of the reasons why she didn’t become one. I think people should at least take the time to spell correctly. I usually spell pretty good but I also use spell check just in case. I get annoyed when people don’t use proper punctuation too; capitals, periods, etc. I noticed that some words I use aren’t even in the dictionary like “probley”… but whatever I say it anyways. Canadians and Americans spell “colour” differently. So, the Canadian way isn’t in spell check. Oh well.

Answer #11

maybe the spell checker isn’t working !! also english is a bugga of a language to learn ,especially as a second language.

Answer #12

lol yeah what jonasbrothers622 said lol

Answer #13

Oh please, on the internet it’s just that no one cares. besides, if the educational system is so bad, why doesn’t everyone home school they’re kids? because they all have lives and jobs and don’t have the time. So complaining isn’t going to help. Your sending them to school, you deal with it. We all know the systems suck, but what are you going to do other than get more involved in your kids life (that is if you have the time. workaholics, this is directed to you. Think a little more about your kids will ya? I know your working for them and all, but that doesn’t help much if your not there to watch the results!!!)?

Answer #14

its quicker and easier to type like that. and for girls, thats how we text!

Answer #15

We are just lucky I geuss. . . . . All this wonderful spelen. . . .

Answer #16

thats great, now grow up and get over it. god, people posting complaints on here are just so annoying.

Answer #17

I dont no why sew many peepole spel thingz rong on hear! may be its because they never learnt how too spel correctely…u no? you shud teach childrean too reed and rite better!

Answer #18

ok that’s nice concern!

Answer #19

I’m calm. . . . . .how do you spell supercalafragalisticexpealadoshes? Disney came up with it. . .

Answer #20

could just be typos…anyone stop to think about that?

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