Global warming.

If Global Warming exists, then why is the Earth getting colder? If you think about it, it wouldn’t have snowed as much. But, it snowed in Texas.

Has anyone thought that the Earth is just changing? Everything around the world changes. Humans change. Animals change. The Earth can also change.

I’m not saying Global Warming can’t be real, but do you think the Earth could just be changing?

Answer #1

But the Earth could just be changing. It doesn’t necessarily mean Global Warming is real.

Answer #2

scientists only have 300 years of weather related readings and such but the earth is 6.4 BILLION years old thats a lot about the earth we dont no also global warming is natural scients av said that becuase our orbit is not spherical its eliptical so when its close to our sun the planet gets really warm (GLOBAL WARMING) whn its right out we go into an ice age(GLOBAL COOLING) each eliptic orbit lasts 100,000 years there cnt be both global cooling and warming its contradictative also look at the “GREAT DYING” from the supercontinent PANGIA where 95%of life died and humans went on the planet then so every thing that happens on our earth happend millions and billions of years ago and will continue to happen millions and billons of years from now

Answer #3

the earth is resetting itself. its adapting to change. change of humans creating pollution. and possibly just environmental change altogether. organisms evolve and adapt, why cant the earth?

Answer #4

ok, I admit that humanity has been helping global warming a little bit, but there is also a ton of scientific evidence that global warming is something that the earth has gone through before, so technically, there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Answer #5

The fact is, no one knows whether or not the earth is getting warmer or colder (trends can only tell you what has happened in the past but cannot tell you what will happen in the future- note the stockmarket). Nor do we know what effect our existence has upon the climate. More importantly, what effect climate change will have either positively or negatively upon man’s existence is pure speculation. Change is inevitable and is the only thing certainty. Instead of trying to stop change man should prepare for change.

Answer #6

I don’t think Global Warming is true…If you think about it…what was the worlds temperature 1000 = 2000 years ago, we could be just going through a normal cycle. that is what I think anyways.

God Bless.

Answer #7

I didn’t read any of the answers above because I didn’t feel like it. My theory is that the earth will always tilt on its axis when winter comes around right? so, the earth is going to get colder, but not as cold as it used to. We’re getting more snow up here in the notheast I believe because the ice caps are melting, and that water is going to turn into vapor and then into snow, right? think about it…

Answer #8

The weather patterns across North America this winter are largely the result of the latest La Niña cooling event. These events can have an impact on storm frequency and severity, flood and drought conditions, and regional temperatures. Similar events happened in 1999-2000 and in 2006.

Global warming refers to mean surface temperature trends, especially those within the last 30 years. The 20 hottest years on record have occurred during this period.

Answer #9

no, the earth always changes but think about it this way without humans, pretty much everything could live peacfully and continue to evolve and survive but with us and without animals, plants, ect, we would all die because we need them, mainly plants to regulate the air we breath and with billions of humans and there cars, bulidings, pollution, ect then obviously its going to affect the earth and everything else living in it …in a bad way

Answer #10

You mistake weather for climate.

In global warming models the world does not uniformly get warmer. Some areas get warmer, some colder, some wetter, and some dryer. Global warming refers to the average temperature rise as a trend over time, not the temperature at a specific point and moment.

Global warming skeptics often do claim that rising global temperatures are caused by natural cycles rather than mankind’s emission of greenhouse gases.

Answer #11

yeah but has the number of volcano erruptions increased over the last 50 years? if the number of erruptions hasn’t increased, then there really isn’t a correlation to why the earth is steadily getting warmer. Also the cause of the warming is still carbon emissions, and though people might not be the only cause of them, they can still help slow the effects of global warming by not burning so many carbons.

Answer #12

You’re right… it’s changing… it’s getting WARMER. The question is really… what is causing it to get warmer? The earth is just as far away from the sun, it still spins at the same speed, really the only difference is that people use more carbons, and burn more fuels… The earth doesn’t just change, something has to cause it to change. Well it does change, but not so much so fast. if you look at the graph that mikeh posted above, you will see that there is a big jump between 1920 and 1940… which was during and right after the depression. After the depression, there was a jump in how many people there were and how much stuff they used becuase now everyone in the country had a car and a gas stove, and everyone had electricity. I mean the evidence shows that people using the technology at the time caused it… and it has been a steady up in temp since then. And there are more people, and we use more things now too. We keep adding to it.

Answer #13

I agree with mikeh. It may have snowed in Texas this year, but I live in Indiana, and it used to snow a lot here. LIke a whole lot. and the last 2 or 3 years it’s only snowed about 5 inches total all winter. We’ve also begun to suffer droughts in the summer which never really used to happen, but they get noticeably worse every year now.

When the total temp of the earth changes like it has been, weather patterns change becuase of high and low pressure causing unexpected weather in regions all over the place. hence the snow in texas and the droughts in indiana.

you can also look at pictures of glaciers 50 years ago, which are pretty much comepletely gone now.

Answer #14

It’s a valid question, but the fundamental point is in error. The average global temperature is not getting colder. The 2008/2009 winter season was indeed much colder than normal, but the trend over the last 150 years has been a warmer planet. There is a huge difference between an anomaly and a trend.

If you look at this graph plotting the average temperature, you will see many MANY instances where the temperature drops from the year before, but the average trend is still obviously towards the warmer.

The question is not whether or not the earth is changing, as there is obviously SOMEthing changing. The question is whether or not humans are directly responsible for this change and whether we can work to counter what we have already done.

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