Global Warming

Why is everybody freaking out about global warming? Even though humans have sped up the process, global warming is natural and happens every such and such years to the earth.

Answer #1

OK well we have this shield over earth super high above to keep us from not getting closer to the sun and if all the dirt and etc… there afraid itll make a hole and the hole will keep expanding then we’ll all die

Answer #2

its natural scients av said that becuase our orbit is not spherical its eliptical so when its close to our sun the planet gets warmer whn its right out we go into an ice age each eliptic orbit lasts 100,000 years also look at the “GREAT DYING” from the supercontinent PANGIA where 95%of life died and humans went on the planet then so every thing that happens on our earth happend millions and billions of years ago and will continue to happen millions and billons of years from now

Answer #3

yes it happens everyday, but humans are destroying the planet much fater than most people realise, or want to realise were also over populated take a planet put over 6 billion people on it give over half of them a house full of contents give over half of them a car give over half of them an income to buy things that add to pollution give over half of them a job in a seperate and mode of transportation and give the fact that majority of them use over 100 litres of water a day thats a few billion litres of water a day gone and the fact that billions of rubbish go to landfill every day all that is obviously going to affect the earth and everything living on it animals need to adapt to the quickly chaging enviroment and humans need to find ways to be more enviromentally freindly were all inevitably going to destroy the earth at some point because people dont change unless death and destruction is staring at them in the face when were all about to die, only then will the majority of people realise its real and realise they have a short time to try to save it with so many people and so much pollution its inevitable that were going to f*ck up the place we live in

Answer #4

anyone that beleive in global warming and wants change is really saying screw all other nations that want to grow and prosper simple as that its a ploy and a pretty smart one since most people are on the band wagon that they think humans can change a giant rock in the universe

Answer #5

we got our selvs into this mess globle warming could get to much for us and its melting the ice caps with out them…umm…well I know we need em :P lol globle warmins bad :P

Answer #6

I know, and it has also been proven that all of the other planets in our solar system are warming up too.

I am more worried about when we run out of oil … :(

Answer #7

I dont understand why people freak out about it either. I mean when we’re the ones that are doing this anyways. its like we want all of these things that harm our enviroment and yet we expect things to be all dandy when we use em all the time harming everything even more. I don’t know its dum that poeple are worried about it but its a natural procces we cant help that..

Answer #8

its true… it is a natural process… so we shouldnt freak too much… but we have sped the process, and I think its something about messing up the balance, blah, blah, and we are using up all of the natural resources, polluting everything, etc. what a messed up world we live in…

Answer #9

okay the reason were freaking out is the heat is melting the ice bergs and those things are HUGE! this means a lot of water will comoe …and that means places alongthe coast will flood…thats why were freakin out…well almost everyone

Answer #10

The environmental movement is the current home of socialist activists. The hysteria and fear of man-made climate change is mostly generated by them to influence the economies of industrialized societies to spend enormous amounts of money and capital on preventing the alleged global warming.

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