Why gas price decrease?

I’m certainly not complaining. I love filling up my old gas guzzler for under a $20 bill now. So gas dropping below $2 is a saving for me.

They kept saying that the gas price increase was due to the war in Iraq, and that our shipments stopped. Does anyone know why the gas price suddenly started dropping? The war is still going on, nothing is changing. Is the U.S. finally tapping into their own oil supply?

Answer #1

they can make it lower if they wanted to. the rich is what controls the prices, damn greedy b*stards. hemp is the original green alternative!! it can make ethanol is safe for the environment. we need to stop being dependent on oil!

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Answer #2

Sh*t playa I don’t know just enjoy while you can, before they go up again!

Answer #3

The price of oil had run way up mostly on speculation. Speculative bubbles always pop.

Answer #4

The reason is the decreased demand for fuel. No and no.

Answer #5

The good news is that average gasoline prices have fallen about 50 cents per gallon from their high of a few months ago. The bad news is the reason why.

While fuel prices soared, reaching new heights daily, the American people were provided a number of excuses. We heard that it was merely supply and demand. That China and India were modernizing and that they were using more of the world’s resources. Then there were the hurricanes that decimated the gulf coast and destroyed refineries, pipe lines and drilling rigs. Then there was the uncertainty of warfare in the Middle East that dramatically affected the world’s volatile oil markets.

All of these less than satisfactory explanations were used at one time or another by big oil and their republican hip-pocket politicians. It’s no secret that big oil contributes heavily to republican candidates. Meanwhile oil companies continue to register huge windfall record profits while Americans cutback their lifestyles in an effort to survive. Prices of all goods and materials greatly reflect the increase in fuel prices.

Most people have become suspicious of these explanations for exorbitant fuel prices and now accuse oil companies of price gouging. Most people also now rightfully suspect that many in government aren’t necessarily looking out for their best interests.

So what has changed? China and India continue to modernize. Refineries and rigs remain under repair. Middle East turmoil escalates. Could it be the approaching midterm elections? You’d better believe it. The reason that gas prices are decreasing is that big oil’s candidates are about to be considered for reelection. The symbiotic relationship between big oil and republican politicians continues in the knowledge that fuel prices must temporarily decrease if the beast is to survive to profit again another day. In the meantime they’re betting that we’ll just forgive and forget.

Answer #6

im I havent been keeping up wid it too much but I think we are actually starting to tap into our own supply instead of getting them from places like saudi arabia because they finally are relizing that we have plenty over here and it’s stupid to waste the money buying more of what we alraedy have plenty of…but I could be wrong.

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