Will "going green" create the next economic boom?

The Stern Review estimates that by 2050, demand for low-carbon technology could be worth $500 billion annually. The UN also estimates that demand for projects that generate Greenhouse Gas Emission credits could get as high as $100 billion annually by 2030.

Demand for green technology is already skyrocketing, with climate change and the increased price of oil. The city of Los Angeles has a booming “green” job market. Japan sells quite a bit of green technology to China, generating substantial wealth and creating jobs by doing so. Do you think this will be the source of the next boom, not just for the US economy but globally?

Answer #1

jhen45 you just made NO SENSE. you contradicted yourself lol. you said other countries will become successful as will green companies? how is that possible if the economy is having a downfall? the value of the dollar will overrule the outcome of success in green companies. kbye(=

Answer #2

“your an idiot you answered your own question. “

Not really. I threw out some facts and asked people what their thoughts are on the issue. And you might want to watch your spelling and grammar before you call someone else an idiot :)

Answer #3

your an idiot you answered your own question. Of course it will countries that were in the rubels like china and brazil will be very rich and people who own green companies like a solar power company they will become millionaires.

Answer #4

Yeahh, probably.

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