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What would happen if every person who drives a motor vehical did not drive for three days?

Answer #1

apart from being hugely great for the enviroment and the fact that there would be no pollution made by any cars a lot of pertol plases would probably go close to or out of buisness …3 days is a long time for places like that to go unvisted it would also cause problems among humens…like getting to work, lossing a jod, not being able to get somewere, ect but it would benifit the enviroment and air a lot

Answer #2

The gas prices would go down hell of a lot!!!

Answer #3

And that would get the attention of the petrol industry as so many semis haul products to fill our shopping shelves. Lower gas prices by EVERYONE boycotting driving for just ONE day!

Answer #4

This sort of thing gests tried sometimes at weekends - it does improve pollution levels in the towns which discourage car use for a certain day or weekend.

I agree that it’s not possible to stop the use of motor vechicles completely, because our economies and communities depend on them. But it is good to think about how much we NEED to use our private cars, and how much we just drive them because they’re convenient. If you can go to local shops instead of the mall, or if you can cycle instead of driving, then you make a big difference to pollution and to your own fitness!

Answer #5

everyone will be in trouble. But they can walk

Answer #6

they’d walk lol??

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