Do Bush's oil policies make any sense?

Ok I live in alaska, next to the north pole where there is an oil refinery, and our gas prices are four dollars right now, and prez bush wants to tear up more of our forest and tundras for oil, and we get no benefits. does that make sense?

Answer #1

No, it doesn’t make any sense at all. In fact, hardly anything our government has been doing in the past 8 years makes any sense. We should be trying to help our environment right now, hurrying to beat global warming… rather than just adding to it by making even more oil refineries. Ugh, it just sucks.

Answer #2

He has absolutely no regard for wildlife or animals. None.

But as long as Exxon Mobil is making billions of dollars, and the oil companies that Bush has invested in are doing well…

Answer #3

Not Sure If anyone Understands - North American Continent (including offshore) may have 10 - 15 at best in UNTAPPED OIL.

That means the lights - the heat - the growing of your food - EVERYTHING ! DONE!

saving a few precious trees in Alaska (John Denver please forgive me!)
Is irrelevant.

Convertion to solar - nuclear and everything you can possibly image - takes energy (oil) to convert to.

We’ve gone over the numbers again and again.. and It does not look like smooth sailing. This is not speculation.

China had mules and cows in 1945 - Now they are Mass consumers. the BELL CURVE is going to fall STRAIT DOWN!

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Answer #4

I believe OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) is keeping the price up intentionally. This will sway public consent to exploit public lands, preserves and other protected areas. The higher the price of gas gets, the more people will be in favor of doing just what OPEC wants.

Gas goes up, milk goes up, eggs go up, bread goes up; then our country will experience inflation ( like back in the mid 1970’s)

Renewable energy sources is the only long-term answer.

Peace, Sting

Answer #5

NO they sure dont! his family does oil companys down in texas making billions per on billions, are they really getting alaska now? isnt that the first reason before 911 he went to iraq for? I think he’s takeing the advantage being mr president to get more mula for his family! im sure being a presidnets a hard task. but theres no need for the gas prices to rocket! were 4.19 today! now everythings rocketing! takes money for gas to ship products round about, why did you think the stamps cost more? mail trucks need more mula for gas!

Answer #6

When Bush campaigned for president in 2000, he said he favored drilling in the National Wildlife Refuge for oil. His attempt was blocked by the Senate in one of the few occasions when Bush favored to get his own party to support one of his agendas. Now he appears to be trying again, and I expect he will use the price of oil to gain political momentum.

Hopefully he will fail now as he did in 2003, because drilling for oil in Alaska will NOT make the price go down.

Answer #7

simple math - forien Oil - gives us 29 more years of Oil - then (LIGHTS OFF)

bring everyone home - drill domestic - 12 years - AT BEST!

SIMPLE MATH! - I don’t know what to tell you.

7 dollars for a gallon of gas (RIGHT NOW) would probably preserve your way of life.

20 cents less - expect Titanic theme - 12 boats too short.


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Answer #8

not really, because he is tearing up lands that my people have to subsist on.

Answer #9

That’s what I thought. I agree with you.

Answer #10

Would it make you feel better if you did get something out of it?

Answer #11

with out him doing that we probably will run out of oil. gas pices are 4 dollars in a lot of other places too

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