Pumping up the price

What do you pay for gas (petrol) these days…?

Here in the UK it is the equivalent of $11 a gallon.

Yes..eleven dollars - people have started wars over lesser things !

Answer #1

I am in KY too and over here is is 3.79…I heard on the radio that the US is actually lucky in their prices because there are a lot more places that are higher.

Answer #2

haha I remember when…I was like…younger…and the price was 1.96 and everyone flipped because it went up two cents. ^_^ geeez tha weeez.

Answer #3

I read in like Guatamala or something its only like 45 cents a gallon!

Answer #4

Here it been 1.99 (About $8 per gallon) per litre for ages, then it went up all the way to about $2.29 (About $9.15 per gallon)and just recently it has gone down due to a strong dollar back to 1.99 again.. And that wont last.

Answer #5

vegas is right around 4 bux. 11 dollars is insane I don’t know what I would do then

Answer #6

holy crap man!!! $11!!??? sheeesh. in Socal we have it about $4 and its lowering tho

Answer #7

TX… 3.89/gal $11/gallon… I just threw up a little in my mouth…

Answer #8

well I am in ky and it costs $3.69 dang I thought we had it bad :(

Answer #9

I take the subway :)

What “lesser things” would those be?

Answer #10

here in ohio its 3.89

Answer #11

$4.09 in Texas… it’s gone down in the last few days though

Answer #12

here in WV it is only 3.79 and is stiil going down.

Answer #13

wow its like $4.01 here in New York its gettin lower erry day

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