wht shouldi do?

well im 15 I way 148 pounds.I feel so fat.well I don’t feel fat I noe im fat.I really wanna lose weight but nothing seems to work for me.it depresses me so much that sometimes ill cry myself to sleep.I really wanna be a model and get that perfect body but nothing works.even a modeling thingy that I went to told me I had to lose weight to be a model =/ im willing to do anything!

Answer #1

well nobody has a perfect body trust me. there isn’t such thing as perfect. well anyways.. V things you can do that WILL help V workout by going to the gym or workout at home by doing things like : lots of walking/jogging sit-ups/crunches wall sits run up and down stairs dance jumping jacks go swimming leg lifts [lay on your back and puts your legs together and slowly lift them up in the air then slowly start to put them back down to the ground then when you’re like an inch from the ground let your legs hover the gound and count to ten then you can put them back on the ground… and repeat] make up things that you think can help you if you eat when you’re bored then chew gum try to not whatch t.v. a lot and do something more healthy like taking a walk out side or listen to music and dance take vitamins get enough sleep everynight drink water not soda crap a lot…

things NOT to DO that make everything a lot worse trust me I’ve done them all

eat out of boredom eat your feeling get depressed take diet pills or any other drugs they don’t really help and people our age who take them get bad effects like rapid uncontrolable heartbeat [happened to me] don’t turn to anorexia (starve yourself)[it makes you sick and doesn’t really help did it] don’t be balemic [it sucks and hurts your throat like hell and once you start you think you will be able to stop but you really can’t so don’t done it ] don’t drink it makes you fat

thats all I can think of to tell you that might help =] I hope it does and if you need to talk to anyone I’m here to help =]

Answer #2

How to LOSE weight?

First, determine from the information below, what your weight should be. Then set yourself goals of a week, 2 weeks, a month, 3 months, 6 months and a year. As you see yourself meeting your goals it becomes easier. Remember, you didn’t gain your weight overnight so don’t expect to lose if overnight. Plus, weight lost slowly is more likely to stay off than weight lost in a hurry.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 years.

BMI Classification

18.5 or less Underweight
18.5 to 24.99 Normal Weight
25 to 29.99 Overweight
30 to 34.99 Obesity (Class 1)
35 to 39.99 Obesity (Class 2)
40 or greater Morbid Obesity

Check out your BMI at the bmi calculator site below to see where you stand.

bmi calculator:


If you need conversion info, 1 kg = 2.2 pounds and 2.54 cm = 1 inch (12 inches = 1 foot) (1 stone = 14 pounds)

Info if you are trying to LOSE weight:


“How can I Lose 1 pound of body weight per week?”

One pound of body fat is equal to about 3500 calories. So to lose 1 pound of weight per week, you need to eat 500 calories/day LESS than you burn.

But it’s not a good idea to lose weight simply by cutting calories. As well as decreasing calories you should increase your daily physical exercise. This helps to burn calories and build more lean tissue which in turn burns more calories.

“What should a minimum calorie intake be?”

As a guide to minimum calorie intake, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that calorie levels never drop below 1200 calories per day for women or 1800 calories per day for men. Even these calorie levels are quite low.


Normal Adult Height-Weight Range Table


Average Teenager Weight


Check out this link for exercise information:


Another thing that helps to lose weight is to always eat a good breakfast. That helps to jump start your metabolism which helps start burning calories. Also, try to drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water every day. One before every meal (except breakfast) and before all snacks. That helps curb your appetite which helps reduce caloric intake.

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