Which pick up truck should i get for my first car???

so i want a truck that is going to be easy to drive with good gas milage. but i dont want a super tall truck

Answer #1

Depends really on what you’re looking for. Fuel economy? Power? An even balance of fuel economy and power? Two wheel drive? Four wheel drive? Small? Midsize? Fullsize? Give us a little more to work with, and I as well as others will have suggestions.

Answer #2

I can give you some input. I have a 1990 Chevy s10 Extended cab 5 speed manual with the 4.3L V6, and I love it. It pulls about 18-20 mpg driving me to and from work if I put the premium non-ethanol gas in it otherwise with the ethanol regular gas I get about 12-13. It really doesn’t like ethanol. And I imagine I could get even a bit better mpg if I drove a bit more conservatively.

IMO its a great little truck. The extended cab gives you a bit extra room in the cab, and even 2 seats that swing down, if you have small enough friends that is - or don’t have 2 - 12” subs like I do :P. And mine has a “full sized” bed - or at least its full size for an s-10, so its like a 6ft bed. Gives enough room to hall a few things if needed. Made moving so much easier.

And while I don’t think they make the S10’s in the US any more, they were replaced by the Chevy Colorado’s. My parents, aunt and uncle all own a ‘08 Colorado and they run great also, with a surprising amount of power in them. My dad kicked theirs up to 90 without an issue.

Hope that helps a bit, and if you can’t tell I’m a bit of a Chevy/GMC fan :P.

Answer #3

Ford F-250 super duty is the best option for a newbie.

Answer #4

she said “good gas mileage”

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