What is everyone going to do

When the oil is gone.

…I categorized this in community because it’s a question we must all ask ourselves.

Answer #1

FYI, cars that run on oil also have batteries. I think you might be thinking of electric cars, which could be made better once the oil runs out. People will probably reort to steam/coal powered trains and bicycles again. It’s not like we’d suffer completely without oil, it’d just be different and take some getting used to.

Answer #2

Once the oil runs out, there IS already something out there waiting to replace it, just don’t know what…Human Beings are very clever, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the oil substitute has already been manufactured and hushed up.

I reckon somewhere, someone has already invented a car which can run on water but the multi-billion dollar petrol, gas and diesel companies probably brought this person/s out with $. :)

Answer #3

haha k I was going to say just use coal but seriously, we’ll all be dead by the time that runs out, probally the next generation will suffer, there making battery run cars now, I guess where learning

Answer #4

use horses, steam, electrcity, compressed oxygen, water, walk, bikes, mmm coal (assuming that when you say oil you dont include coal), vetegtable oil, alochol (totaly destroys your engine but hey it will move it for awhile), but I think thats all I got

Answer #5

Read a book called The Empty Tank

Answer #6

When the oil is gone, we’ll use coal and nuclear. No biggie.

Answer #7

im sure that.. there will be (in case there aint already one) a substitute for oil… the only reason we keep usin oil its because of… once again… money… oil companies and stuff..

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