What happens with expired tags?

My room mate won’t drive me anywhere because her tags are expired. A friend of hers told her that if a cop stopped her they would tow/impound her car and make her walk home, pushing me in my wheelchair. She really believes this, I tell her they give her a warning and 10 days to get the new tags. Anybody ever heard of this?

Answer #1

A tag is the license plate. In the U.S. you pay to renew it every year, you get a little white piece of paper with the registration information and a little yellow sticky thing you put on the actual license plate with the date it expires.

I dont know about your state. I’ve had expired tags before. They did pull me over for them (the cop must have been really bored) but he just gave me a ticket and I had it renewed the next day. It can be renewed online. Does she just not have the money for it? Because if she doesnt have the money for it to be renewed, then she probably doesnt have the money to pay for a ticket. And seriously, they’re probably not going to impound a car with someone who is handicapped in the car.

Answer #2

educate me, whats a tag?

Answer #3

I haven’t heard of this personally. If your friend/room mate doesn’t want to drive you, however, you should respect that. Regardless of whether or not it’s correct, her tag is expired and she doesn’t want to get stopped by the police for a warning or otherwise. As her friend, you shouldn’t be putting her in that kind of a position either.

I’d suggest asking someone else to drive you.

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