Whats wrong with the ac in my car?

It is blowing out warm and I am dying in this nasty southern heat. What could the problem be and whats a rough estimate on the cost.

Answer #1

it can be simple, you might just have to recharge the AC. which is simple and inexpensive. but if that doesnt work depending if you take it somewhere to be fixed it could cost like 300 bucks haha idk i just threw a number out there.

Answer #2

You’re either out of freon (cheap fix) or the AC unit is no longer working (expensive).

Answer #3

well I hope its a simple fix. I am babysitting the car for my deployed friend. And no offense but i’m sick of putting money into it. I just got the oil changed and the brakes done. So I hope this is an easy fix.

Answer #4

It probably needs coolant. Doesn’t cost too much.

Answer #5

I would suspect the AC unit needs to be recharged as it’s lost its spark (depending how old the car is). It could also be the inside of the system where the air is stuck on the heating position inside.

I would go to AutoZone, since they do FREE checks.

Answer #6

the same thing is wrong with mine, only hot air blows out. it sucks >.<

Answer #7

Recharging the AC is a waste of money. Why? The refrigerant in the AC system leaked out somewhere. So until the leak is found and fixed, its a waste of money. I forget exactly what methods of finding the leak were reccomended, but if the leak is behind the dashboard/in the firewall area its probably better to not bother with fixing it. It leaking out is just something that happens as cars get older; hoses break/crack, etc. So if your friend gets mad for the AC not working, just say “Hey, its old these things are bound to happen”.

Answer #8

the car is only 2 years old. It only needed to be recharged.

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