What's the grace period for expired car tags?

my tags expired june 30th, i havent bought them yet not intill the 30 of this months ive been driving my car like that i hear that there is a 15 day grace period then others say 30 days does anyone know for sure what the terms as far as a grace period ?

Answer #1

I would simply call my local Police Dept. (non-emerg. number) and ask if they have time for a question..I need to know for a friend..

Good luck !!

Answer #2

Every state will most likely have different laws but in my state there is no such thing as a grace period. If a state does have a grace period for “renewal”, it probably doesn’t mean you can still drive on the expired tags.

Answer #3

where i live there is no official grace period, but the police turn a blind eye for 14 days, unless you do something wrong. in that case they’ve got something else against you.

Also its as well to check how your insurance company will view it.

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