Can I start driving alone as soon as I got my driver's license?

I just took the road test today which I passed, and so I received a temporary sheet for the license while I have to wait a week from now for the actual DL card to be sent to me. As I call today as my first day with the DL, can I can start driving alone already? Somehow, my parents told me I have to wait because my name is not recorded on the insurance yet and because in that case without my name being on the insurance, I would be held responsible or whatever in a stricter consequences if I ever get in a car accident.. and I live in Texas in case if you happen to know more about the laws in TX.

Answer #1

Even with a license you still need to be on the car insurance before you can drive. Most insurance companies wont cover drivers who arent on the insurance in an accident and your parents would be left paying for not only their car damages but the other persons as well.

Answer #2

Ok, You have your License, have insurance, and maybe your own car. Please still realise that your diving lessons have only NOW begun. I know it sounds like a lecture but take it for me, try and drive with your parents for a couple months first. they will teach you what the DOT cannot teach you.

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