What happens when you starve yourself?

I’ve heard a lot of people always starving themselves so that they can loose weight. Why not go on a diet, and eat healthy. but anyways. what does happen to your body when you starve yourself? and what happens if you do it for long periods, even days?

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Yeah im 12 its my birthdayy tommorow and I didnt eat yesterday and im not eating today I wont be eating for a long time (I hope) because im a so fat :’( im about 4ft 8 and I weigh 6st 10 fat I know. Well I’ve seen what happens to you when you starve yourself but sorry that isnt going to stop me because I am obese its seriously isnt nice being fat.

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OKAY!!! I starved myself and on top of that I am a runner!! so I was very very thin. yes everyday is a battle but eating is a lot better than not eating at all! Eat healthy. Try eating fruit and veggie and yes lean mean. Work out as well and you will see results and you will no gain the weight back! I am losing my hair bc of what I have done and I am very upset by this outcome. So be smart. Have the will power to tell yourself “ I CAN DO THIS THE RIGHT WAY.” Eat in moderation and work out and you will see the benefits! Trust me, I may not be a doctor, but I am experiencening this. Starving is not an answer or a quick fix.

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dont starve yourself. dont even go on stupid strict diets, eat a balance of everything and reduuce fats and sweet stuff. if you starve yourself, you will dramaticly loose weight…temporarily. when you start to eat normally again everything is then turned straight into as many calories your body can get out of it to make up for the days you didnt eat! it is a very bad idea.

and miz shortz… when you look in the mirror, no matter what YOU see, tell yourself what you ARE going to eat (preferably healthy) during the day ahead and then tell yourself you need it to grow (normaly!). I know how hard it is, but it will save your life. I missed out on almost two years of growing because of this disease, and there is nothing I can do to reverse that, but you can. good luck to you

Answer #4

you die.

Answer #5

I tried to starve myself. I mean its pretty hard. try to eat less, and little by little your stomach will get used to eating less. if you do this for about a week; on the second week your body wont need food! I mean if you want to lose weight it really works to get in shape!

Answer #6

im starving myself now…

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Starving yourself is not a good idea! Don’t do it, because it can ruin your life. I almost had a close call. I Became anorexic and list about 30 pounds because I did not want to eat. I was always dissatisfied with how I looked and was always unhappy. I was 125 pounds and my lowest weight was 86 pounds… so you can see how serious it was. After starving myself for the longest time, when I tried to eat again, I could not eat a lot because my stomach was so little and was not used to food. I remember not being able to stand up after I ate supper because I was so bloated. it was not fun. I cried constantly and seriously thought about suicide constantly. I never thought my life was going to get better. I was constantly cold, I lost lots of hair- my hair was so brittle and thin and it looked very unhealthy. When I was in school, I am 16 now, last year it hurt to sit and I remember crying out because it hurt so much. I also remember not being able to concentrate in class and actually crying in class. I exercised at school, at home, and whenever I could fit exercising into my schedule. I had absolutely no energy and I actually tried to run home from school but could not and I felt like I was going to collapse when I ran just probably 20 feet. I got pulled out of school for a month too because I was such at a low weight. being thin and restricting what you eat is not fun! I eat now probably 4x what I used to and I am not gaining hardly any weight! please don’t diet. it only makes you miserable and can also put girls at a risk for osteoporosis when they get older. luckily for me, I have not experienced any bone loss.

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Hey, I starved myself for a long time. I finally did start eating again after my friend force fed me and made me start eating again. you asked why not go on a diet? its because its not a lifestyle choice…its a desease. I don’t see myself like everyone else sees me. what I see in the miror isn’t real. I see a bigger version of what I actaully am. When this happens you come to the conclution that the best (and fastest) way to lose weight is to simply not eat. At first it is tempting to eat but you still dont…After time, it becomes an addiction. I didn’t care how miserable, or how hungry or dizzy I was…all I wanted to do was lose weight. It’s something that after a while you lose control of what your doing and you cant stop starving yourself.

And you also wanted to know what happens to your body? I had constant headaches, stomach pains and I would always pass out. I compleatly lost focuz in school and my brain started to slow down a lot. I was always depressed and I would cry 4-5 times a day. Its pure torture. and im so glad I recovered.

and yes it did have perminent affects on me aswell. I’m still depressed and I think I always will be. I still hate my body even though everyone else sais I am thin. and I am not as smart as I used to be It changed my life forever.

Answer #9

u die

Answer #10

I just started starving myself a week ago and lost 7 pounds already

Answer #11

if you starve yourself your body isnt getting the nutrition it needs and your body starts eating away your muscles and organs. soon your organs will be to weak to support you and you will die

Answer #12

Hey im 19 years old im 5ft 4 and I weigh 6st 6. I use to be a healthy size 8/10, until I started starving myself for my holiday. Most days I dont eat anything or as little as possible, but now everything I eat I just end up bringing it back up. Im now a size 4 and can hardly get any clothes that fit me, I also get very embarrased talking about my weight and often lie about my size, so I seem bigger. Some of the side affects that I have notticed is my hair fell out and is now very thin, I dont have any energy, my periods have stopped and im always ill. My boyfriend has recently just broke up with me because off the stress I caulse with my weight, I aslo feel its because I loss my curves and my breast. I serouisly would not reccommend starving your self to any one becuase you dont understand how addictive it is, I still look in the mirror and think im fat and I always will do because from starving myself im now ill in the head!

Answer #13

your body needs the nutrienrts that you get from food that you eat so starving isn’t good. when you starve yourself your body has nothing to work with so it starts to use the fat that you’re ody has and after that it goes on to your organs, have you ever seen those kids on tv that live in Africa and those poor countries and how their stomach is all bloated. well that’s what happens because your body has nothing else to work with but the organs of your body.

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its really hard not to eat it easyier not drinking anything

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oh, if you want to talk about anything or have any questions, I am here

Answer #17

Dont Starve yuorself it really isn’t an answer. Once you start down this road you could become too goos at it. I am 40 and worried to read all your posts. Please belive me just eat…excercise and enjoy. Life is for living not for starving. There is so much to enjoy out there. Dont dig yourself a hole, and isolat yourself. Go round to a friends leave your worries and soon they will loose you.

Answer #18

I just started starving myself and lost 7 pound in a week

Answer #19

you go into starvation mode…then your body will shut down:( not good and you could die.

Answer #20

Your organs will shut down..you will become hospitalized or even die! You girls/boys think starving yourself will make you skinny? Hell, most of you’s wont even stick to it because lets face it starving yourself isnt easy! then your brain over powers you and causes you to binge eat..making you not only put on weight again but so much more..so your not helping yourself at all…frig girls/boys just eat healhty and less and friggen exercise its not hard!

Answer #21

im starvin myself nw and I cnt stop because im fat well pple say im skinny bt im nt because every time I look in the mirrow is a different case and I keep finkin that everi 1 is alway look at mi and sayin im fat is really getiin 2 mi please what should I do im like 15 years old. I don’t wanna die help

Answer #22

You don’t have to starve. Eat at least one thing. No big meals. If you eat peanut butter toast and eggs in the morning you can starve yourself all day because, the fact that it lowers your metastability and carries fiber :] well, then agian, I guess that’s not really starving then.. but, still it’s much better and if you don’t like it the first time. try it again and if you REALLY don’t, puke it up and continue on your dangerous path. I’ve been there.

Answer #23

it eats your body fat then it starts eating your insides, after it eats all your insides your body slows down and you will get sick and if you dont start eating sooner or later you will die but it takes like a long time b4 u die of starvation, so im not over exagerating

Answer #24

you die. a slow and torturous death

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