What do you think of this poem I wrote?

Its for this guy that I really like. We talk to each other about our life everyday. I really wish I cld let him read this but I can’t. But just let me know what you think about it.

If you like me, why don’t you tell me that you do. Get out of that sinking boat and reach out for my hand.

Let me take you places that u’ve never been to. Let me be the one who loves u. So won’t you take my hand and give me the chance.

you told me that she might still take you back But what if she don’t. Seeing you hurt is the last thing I want to see. because’ it’ll hurt me even more if you chose her instead of me.

I smile and encourage you whenever you talk about her. But deep down in my heart, I’m stuggling to not let my feelings show. Its okay if I’m breaking inside, I just want to see you smile. And I’ll smile even though my heart is crying out for you.

I keep asking myself day by day whether should I let you go. But you see, I can’t. My heart just refused to let you go. I wish I could let you know. But how could I when you are always thinking about her?

I feel like crying whenever I talk to you. I feel bursting out my feelings and say that I love you. But I can’t. You love her more than me. A good sister is only what I am to you.

A good sister is only what I am to you. But why do I feel special whenever I’m around you. Why do I sometimes feel wanted by you. Do you have feelings for me too?

Gosh! I’m confused. Should I let you go? Or should I hold on? My mind tells me that maybe I should let you go. But my heart tells me to hang on.

Talking to you everyday, makes me feel secure. But each time I think of her, I’m drfted away. Thinking… just thinking… what is it that you really want from me? Love me, won’t you?

Answer #1


I like it!!!

Its flowy…not too wordy And the sense of hidden Love, yet a question of whether you too long for eachother

Its good…show it to him…If that were me in your situation I would be hurt to especially in the line: “But I can’t. You love her more than me. A good sister is only what I am to you.”

You know that term where everyonne says life is short ???

It really is…

I remember there was this one poem my friend sent me and it was about these two friends who were close but deep down had feelings about eachother they thought the other didnt have…

The guy would always call her and she’d be waiting by the phone for him to call…And they would talk all night …asking about eachothers day…They could talk about anything when they were in eachothers company One day they had a fight about something stupid (the guy mistakened her friendship with someone else to be a little something more) and they thought their friendship was forever lost so the guy was so hurt…he took the pain away…he took himself away

That night the girl waited by the phone hoping he would call…when he didnt she got mad…but never the less did she know

She found out later what he did and hated him..hated her..and hated him for what he did..

She loved him..and now he’ll never know And he too her…and now they will never get to show

So if you have a someone in your life you feel a certain thing about Dont wait till tomorrow when deep down you know someday it will be too late..

Let him know…wont you??? What good is this friendship when your lying to yourself and lying to him???

Anyway have a nice day…hope you write more…and maybe that time he will be the first to read it…


Answer #2

yeah agreed here because like a few years ago this person made up rumors that me and this guy were going out, but now we’re pretty good friends, but our relationship is pretty wierd.

Answer #3

its a very nice poem the subject is another matter… he obv doesnt like you back if what you write is true, I know it feels like hes the only one for you (I actually did the same thing myself- I let him read mine) but trust me, it could make your friendship very weird.

Answer #4

I love it just the way I feel love it :D

Answer #5

Hun this is brilliant! you are very talented =]

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