What are some good work out tips for your tommy and thighs ?

I’d like some workout tips please! I went shopping right and I was in hollister I was about to buy some distressed jeans they were sooo cute but I could not fit them because of my thights and tommy…I buy my jeans from areopostle in size 11/12,they have to have spandex lolz, man that is fat but I wanna lose weight what are some good tips???

Answer #1

here’s what I do, it may work out for you as well, you can give it a shot if you want(I have to say that I started this working out thing with just a small tommy, and I want to build up muscle, not just lose weight):

  • every day I try not to eat later than 6 o’clock. if your school/work schedule allows that to you, that’s great. Food usually needs a good 8 hours for it to completeley digest. I usually have dinner around 5 or 5:30, and if I’m hungry afterwards I eat fruits.
  • speaking about fruits, maybe some people advised you what fruits to eat, but if you don’t like them, it’s worthless. try out various fruits which you think you may like and try and eat fruits on a daily basics. start with a few at first, and creating this healthy habit, you can throw the bad snacks that you used to eat between the meals and replace them whith fruits.
  • if you are a usual customer of junk-food stores, than this is bad news. Losing weight can be very hard if you don’t try to reduce the amount of junk-food you eat, the best way would be not to eat junk-food almost at all. If you are able to, try and eat more home-made food, believe me, it’s priceless compared to everything in the junk-food industry.
  • I know all you wanted to know were a few workout tips, but working out without having a balanced, and pretty healthy diet is just useless. You’ll never lose a serious amount of weight, maybe just a little bit.
  • now, cutting to the chase:

Working out:

  • must be done outside, or if you work out inside, open the window. Air is good for your body, as it helps you burn more calories.
  • speaking about air, no exercise should be done without a proper respiration cycle: deep inhaling and then exhaling. If you hold your breath or breathe in an irregular manner, the effectiveness rate of the exercises will be smaller, sometimes much smaller.
  • http://www.sparkpeople.com is a great tool for finding out what type of exercise you want, because it tells you which muscle group that exercise uses. (trust me, I’m not advertising this site, I used it too to find out the best exercises, which for me are working out just fine)
  • I mentioned about muscle groups previously, and I did so because they are the single most important element in losing wheight: proper exercises, meant for a specific muscle group, to help you achieve maximum from your working out. Go on wikipedia and find out what muscle groups you have in your body, and find the ones that you want to work out so you lose weight in the desired region of your body. WARNING! At first I thought too that if I work out just one muscle group, I will lose weight from there alone. That turned out to be plain wrong. If you want to lose serious weight, you have to work out almost all muscles in your body, otherwise you will feel dissapointed because it all seems to be useless, when actually you are doing working out the wrong way.

I have now reached the end of my ideeas, I hope this…I could call it a novel :)) helped you, and I would be very happy if you wanted to contact me on Y!Messenger (my ID is alex_olr) or Skype (alex.myself), if you are interested in having a pen-friend, or just a person that can advise you about weight loss.

Finally, I want to say that everything I told you is real and tested, I am now in my 3rd month of working out and with the help of the many hours that I kept staring on the internet, looking for information about this and that, I made a pretty good progress in building some body muscle and feeling a lot better than before. I’m sure that if you start a serious working out plan, with proper diet and exercises you will be able to fit any jeans you’d like, because I’m only one year older than you, and this is the time to act if you don’t want to be stuck in your 20’s with weigth problems. It’s been a pleasure writing to you and I hope that you will succeed in your quest for a nice looking body.

Answer #2

Hi!! I’m still trying to work it out, but have found that “Finding your Core” ie, holding your belly button in towards your spine, while walking or cycling can help along with your usual fat burning exercise… My daughter is 6 and I still have a “Jelly Belly” and for me, its just finding the time as I’m crap at organising myself! Disapline along with good abdominal excercise, over time, will deffo work! x

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