How can I lose 30lbs by June 9?

I’m havig a pool party on June 9t and the current date is 5/29/07 how can I lose 30lbs by then?

Answer #1

Ok..This Big Party Is Like 9 Days Away Now. && I’m Sure You’ve Lost Some Weigh..hmm? Anyway, Um, Like The Other Girl Said..Just Eat Smaller Portions. Like–If You Usually Eat A Whole Hamburger, Only Eat Half. Get IT? && You Need To Excersise And Walk Alot. Inclined Walks Are Best Though. As You Walk, Carry Somethin, like a backpack w//. stuff in it. And Situps are also good to tone up your stomach ;) –And Just Member Dont Lay Down After You Eat. And try not to eat after 5 or 6 o’clock, that’s never good. But if you dont loose the weight by your party, just act like you dont want to swim, or pretend you’re too busy. :D That’s wat i would do. Dress In a great outfit, w//. your swimsuit underneath, like you had the intentions to swim haha! && Don’t make the WHOLE party swimmin if you dont swim. Do somethin else the last hour or w/e. So you’ll get to join in on the fun too

Good Luck!!! <33

Answer #2

that is gonna be hard but its possible. you need to balance out what you eat. exercize daily for atleast 2 hours. walk everyday and focus on losing the wieght. you might not lose 30 but you can lose atleast 15-20 pounds

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