What are some cool ways to conserve?

I was wondering what some really cool ways to recycle and conserve.REUSE,REDUCE AND RECYCLE. When I say conserve I mean conseve anything.

Answer #1

What my boyfriend and I do to save money on energy costs is; 1: Use florecent light bulbs 2: Now that is is getting cooler out we put a fan in the window blowing toward the outside. It sucks any of the unwated heat out of the house so that the air conditioner isnt running. We also keep the air at between 75 and 80 during the day.

Answer #2

like jelly jars, we reuse them as cups and stuff, my aunt uses plastic jugs to store old food that could be used as compost for plants. boxes that 12pk sodas come in, rip them up into small pieces and I would burn them. thats what my uncle does. her burns stuff like that. hope that helps

Answer #3

Conserve water by showering like a sailor

Basically, you wet yourself down, and turn off the water while you lather. Turn the water back on to rinse instead of leaving the water on the whole time.

Answer #4
  1. take plastic bags when you go shopping so that you dont waste them
  2. shower dont have a bath because it uses more water
  3. turn of light, tvs, computers etc when not using them
  4. give old clothes and toys, furniure etc to charites because not only are you saving the planet but you re helping poorer people
  5. recycle bottles paper etc
  6. dont buy more food tha you really need
  7. walk dont drive because it saves the world and its healthy
  8. try to buy food with little pacikging
Answer #5

Instead of using something just once, try finding a secondary use for it. Many times you can find a secondary use for something that you were simply going to throw away.

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #6

I was reading that one good way to conserve is to plug things into a power strip. If you have any electronics that have a square {{think cell phone charger}} plug, plug it into a power strip. Same with game systems, dvd players, cable boxes, etc. Anything that still has a light on after its been turned off. Its a great way to conserve because you can just flip that little switch to off and be done with it for the night.

Answer #7

consume energy only if neccassary, don’t toast breads, cold showers, study more in the day so you use less electrcity at night

Answer #8

We also keep the air at between 75 and 80 degrees during the day. And your apartment is ROASTING!!! Lol. LOVE YA!!!

Answer #9

use flourcent bulbs turn off lights and tvs when you’r not using and all that crap

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