walkin mindin my own buisness when...this happend

are cops allowed to stop you while your walking down the street and if so do you have to stop?

Answer #1

Yea you do because somebody could have just robbed some where and the suspect would be on foot or something and you just happened to be out and about walking they just want to identify ypu and make sure you are not that person. Now if you think they did it for some other reasons you should have got his car number or his name and placed a complaint against him.

Answer #2

Well, I just want to say I dont know where you live, but our cops tend to discriminate…mostly against the young, they seem to think if you’re young you must be up to no good.

Answer #3

KILL THE COPS those damn people think they can do what they want to me the freaking £$&% &%$% damn people. sorry I just exploded

Answer #4

if they are doing their job, they are checking out who’s who and following up on goings-on in the vicinity. they often piece together evidence by questioning civilians as to what they’ve seen or know. if a call comes in saying someone looks as if they are up to something; they’ll stop several individuals to see what they know. I’ve been questioned about what turned out to be a flasher on the loose. don’t panic. just smile, be cordial and answer questions. you have the right to ask if you are under arrest. if not, ask permission to get on with your business.

Answer #5

Yeah, you have nothing to hide. Just cooperate.. if you don’t stop they’ll think you’re hiding something. :)

Answer #6

yes stop or you will look suspicious , then there will be a bigger problem.

Answer #7

yes you do, just be polite. and truthful. otherwise you’re just asking for a lot of trouble. :|

Answer #8

Legally, I don’t think you have to stop for anybody, but I wouldn’t try running or anything, because that’ll give them a reason to chase you and they might think you’re up to something. But other than that, no, there’s no law that I know of that says you have to stop for a cop.

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