Help the earth

Does anyone care about what is happening to the earth?

Answer #1

I just want to say ,make a better world for our children,children’s children,and more …

Answer #2

yea but not all of us I care I pick up my trash and I always have gloves on me to pick up trash on tha floor and I re use water bottles

Answer #3

and another thing its people such as hollowpoint that make “save the earth” problem even bigger, they only think of how it effects THEM, like totally selfish and not those in the future and plenty of people in our lifetime!

If you use time to learn about whats happening now and how global warming has already made many suffer… then maybe then youll reconsider how you choose to live your life!

For all of those lazy people who only think of themself - Just five years ago there was way more snow in the winter where I live - now theres barely any. You know why? GLOBAL WARMING! Its happening right now, RIGHT NOW. So make differences NOW instead of waiting till all of the polarbears are gone and millions are homeless!

Answer #4

OF COURSE! almost everything I own is reusable I hate how some people dont even care. im like, “u know if we dont do something your all gonna die?” and theyre just like, “your a nerd” lmao

Answer #5

I do. I take environmental management as a subject as school.

im really into the environment. :)

Answer #6

Yes I Do!, I always TryTo encourage My Parents To Save Energy And Put our CansInto This Trash bin Then take It To a Recycling Facility :]!!

Answer #7

yeah, but we’re all gonna die someday!!

Answer #8

I do, but im not gonna let it really affect my life hey im gonna die somebody and this world wont be here anymore sooner or later

Answer #9

YES!! My bro and I talk about it all the time. Theres a sign that says: We dont inherite our earth from our parents, but borrow it from our children… pretty well put, huh?

I want the generations yet to come to be able to live in a beautiful world!

Answer #10

I do! I read in language arts a couple weeks ago about how antarctica might disappear because of global warming. im starting to recycle things that can be recycled

Answer #11

You know something, I care, but I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. I’ll recycle my stuff (I really do), but I wish that people would stop talking about it.

‘Going Green” has become a really annoying term that people use.

Answer #12

yes, but people are over reacting. chilll your balllz.

it happens on its own. even if we werent on earth.

and there arent laws to help enforce it. and not enough people care to make a diffference

Answer #13

scientists only have 300 years of weather related readings and such but the earth is 6.4 BILLION years old thats a lot about the earth we dont no also global warming is natural scients av said that becuase our orbit is not spherical its eliptical so when its close to our sun the planet gets really warm (GLOBAL WARMING) whn its right out we go into an ice age(GLOBAL COOLING) each eliptic orbit lasts 100,000 years also look at the “GREAT DYING” from the supercontinent PANGIA where 95%of life died and humans went on the planet then so every thing that happens on our earth happend millions and billions of years ago and will continue to happen millions and billons of years from now

Answer #14

yes we are all going to die someday but by preserving the earth you are keeping ti good for future generations. By saying a selfish comment like “we’re all going to die” shows that you don’t care about your children or your grandchildren’s future? Because if we don’t do anything that is who it will affect.

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