What are your views on vegetarianism?

Answer #1

Depends on how extreme it is. You need ALL your food groups, if you’re not getting them than you’re unhealthy especially vegetarians. Ive noticed vegans looks extremely unhealthy, vegetarians not as much. Besides, its not like just because you stopped eating meat all the animals will stop being slaughtered. They’re still gonna be killed and be eaten by someone else.

Answer #2

Yeah that’s true but it is about your own pesonal morals and what you stand for. The animals may not stop being killed but it is about your own beliefs and what you think is right and wrong. It’s like this, i eat meat… cow, pork, chicken yet i’d think it unimaginable to eat something like a dog. However, some people in this world in different countries do eat dog or cat; what would give me the right to think that wrong when i’d happily eat other animals? Anyway, it’s not really eating meat that i have as problem with, it is the welfare of the animal and how they come to be on my plate and the slaughter methods that have been used.

Answer #3

I agree with you there. And the slaughter methods are horrific, but we’v come a long way from coming out of our caves to go and stab/throw arrows/ other weapons at the animals and then waiting for them to die.

Answer #4

i think of it this way: if you are a vegan, thats great, your eating healthy, but dont hate people that are not also vegan. I eat meat but i try not to think about the animal being slaughtered while eating it, therefor, i dont care about it. If you are for animal rights, that doesnt mean everyone else is. If i went around hating everyone who disagreed with me, i wouldnt have much friends and i wouldnt really be liked. Vegetarians are fine in my opinion, but they should not be hateful to people who are not.

Answer #5

I don’t try to be vegetarian as I usually only consider meat to be the most important part of any dish, but whenever I eat meat I eat every peice of meat to ensure that the animal hasn’t died for nothing

Answer #6

Personally, i do think that a vegan diet is very extreme because you are cutting out a considerable amount of protein from your diet and therefore later down the line this might cause health issues. For that reason, i don’t think i’d ever become one though i am thinking about becoming a vegetarian. I get what you’re saying, some vegetarians could be a little inferior towards other people that do eat meat because they think it wrong. However, there are those that arn’t and accept people’s choices. At the end of the day, it’s a lifestyle choice and generally i believe that what you choose to do should be respected by other people.

Answer #7

I have no problem with people eating and not eating whatever they want. As long as they aren’t going extreme, or not eating at all, I think it’s fine. Food is food. It’s just what we eat to survive. People have favorite foods, and foods that they even hate to look at. It just so happens that some people don’t eat any meats, I don’t really think it’s much different to fitness fanatics not eating junk food, or allergy people not eating nuts, or people not eating gluten etc etc. It’s just something that the person doesn’t want in their body.

Answer #8

God made animals (deer,pig,chickens,ect..) to be killed and to be eaten to nourish our bodies. i think its totaly wrong too.. i’ve watched the video., i’ve seen it, i once was a vegetarian.,. faithful too it! then just think there here for a reason!

Answer #9

I think that people can do whatever they want with what they eat and all that stuff. Protein is needed form the meat but some people can live just fine not eating it. I personally think that is better to have a balnce between the two, but also some people are vegeterians for other reasons. Some might be vegiterian because they hate the fact of eating animals and stuff like that. Also meat does have some down sides to it and it does cantain more fat and all that. So people can be what they want to be, and do what they want with their bodies, where not all the same.

Answer #10

I’m not religious but isn’t the idea that we are meant to love, respect and cherish nature?… it just makes me think, what makes them any less important than us? The only reasons i think animals are here are to be cared for, loved, admired, to captivate us, interest us and most importantly, to ENCOURAGE our will to fight for them, speak for them and to protect them. Bottom line is, as ive mentioned before, their welfare and how they are killed. The question is not can they reason nor can they talk, but can they suffer?~Jeremy Bentham

Answer #11

Im a vegetarian and i think it was a good decision to stop eating meat, it has been easy to find no meat items and reasonably cheep, i have lost weight and look healthy. So in my point of view vegetarianism is a good way to live. But everyones different.

Answer #12

I have no problem with them,I mean it’s actually good because they aren’t eating innocent animals..i don’t like meat either..only chicken nuggets from mcdonalds.I mean they are still getting nutrients and stuff from all the good fruits and veggies they eat.

Answer #13

It’s Peachy. Just Make Sure You Get Proteins

Answer #14

Amazing!, you better your life and animals lives. And also other humans because you don’t pollute and waste as much :)

Answer #15

God didn’t make animals to nourish humans bodies. Why would he have created a platypus then.. no one eats a platypus. Every living being has a right to live. That’s like saying god made humans to feed and nourish lions…. just NO.

Answer #16

I think it’s an awesome idea. It is extremely healthy for you and vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. When I move out of the house I will be going vegetarian for health reasons. I don’t even have a problem with it for moral reasons. Also I’m not crazy about meat. And you can get all nutrients except for B 12 through plants, vegetables, fruits and grains, so I see no good reason to buy expensive meat.

Answer #17

I dont really have an opinion on it. It can be healthy, as we do tend to eat too much meat, and you have to really think about hat you eat as a vegetarian. I also think it takes discipline which is admirable. However, I think the healthiest diet is a balanced one that includes small portions of lean meat.

Answer #18

You can get all your food groups without eating meat. There are tons of vegetables and grains which contain just as much and even more protein than meat. You don’t need meat.

Answer #19

According to the Bible mankind was vegetarian in the Garden of Eden. In Genesis 1:29 God states, “I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food.” Only later does God advise man to eat certain kinds of meat but since the Bible says mankind was originally vegetarian how can you say animals were made for us to be eaten?

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