Can vegetarians eat fish and chicken and drink milk?

I was just wondering if vegetarians eat/can eat fish and chicken and drink/can drink milk… thanks.

Answer #1

Yes, they can. I think as long as it’s not red meat… but I’m not sure. I think fish and chicken is okay. As far as milk goes, they sure can. Vegans, however, don’t eat anything that coms from an animal. I.E. Eggs, Milk, Cheese, etc…

Answer #2

No, a true vegetarian will not eat fish or chicken. However, they might drink milk. A person who doesn’t eat red meat or chicken, but only fish and vegetables is called a pescatarian. People who eat chicken are called pollotarians.

Answer #3

No, being vegetarian means you eat no animals, but they drink milk and eat dairy, if they dont drink milk or consume dairy the are vegan.

Answer #4

unless that preson is not a vegatarian

Answer #5

A vegetarian can eat chiicken and fish but they’d be called a semi-lacto vegetarian i think? It’s something like that anyway. That type of vegetarian avoid red meats only and yes, you can drink milk.

Answer #6

It depends what kind of vegetarien you are. If you are just a vegetarien then generally that means no meat at all but you consume milk and eggs. A red meat vegetarien would eat fish and chicken and just no red meat. Then a vegan would not eat anything that comes from an animal, including what you mentioned and more.

Answer #7

Also, you don’t have to label yourself as a vegetarien and follow the rules of what you should and should not eat, just whatever you wanna do, you should do, and not be obligated to eat certain things because the label you’ve put on yourself said to.

Answer #8

some vegetarians eat fish

Answer #9

I know 3 vegetarians who eat fish and drink milk… but i think it depends on what you believe to eat as a veggie :)

Answer #10

Some people I know use to be vegetarians ate everything vegetarian but kept fish on the menu. I don’t know why, but they are no longer vegetarians.

Answer #11

Vegetarians cant eat meat or living things. so no fish or chicken. but they can have dairy products. Its Vegans that do not eat anything that comes from animals.

Answer #12

But some people like to put fish in vegetable category don’t know why.

Answer #13

it depends on what kind of vegetarian u r …if u r an ovo lacto vegetarian than you can eat eggs and dairy products…

Answer #14

you can eat fish. idk y, but it’s allowed

Answer #15

depends on what kind of vegetarian you are. Some vegetarians have none. some just no red meat, some only fish, etc. But yes, you can drink milk. Otherwise you’d be a vegan…

Answer #16

Semi-vegetarians can occasionally eat some fish or chicken but not vegetarians. For details, see

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