Is this called a vegetarian?

I dont eat no red meat what so ever, if I did eat meat I’d eat ONLY chicken. And I eat animal products like milk, eggs, cheese, ect. Am I a vegetarian? Or would I have to stop eating my chicken? I only eat it for my protien.

Answer #1

Do you know were the word vegetarian came from?

  In the Native Americans language the word "vegetarian" means: One who can not hunt.
Answer #2

no. you wouldn’t be a vegetarian. you can’t eat any meat. if you do want to be a vegetarian, for protein, just eat beans, nuts, dairy products. I was one for 5 years and I was always very healthy… its not hard to get protein in other ways.

Answer #3

It’s simple, you are a person who doesn’t like red meat..just like I am a person who doesn’t like coconuts. It is only ONE food, there is no specific name for it that I know of. :) xxooxoxo♥

Answer #4

I’m not so sure. I guess you can’t be a vegetarian if you eat even one kind of meat. that’s why it’s called vegetarian. Because the only things you eat are fruits & vegetables. but I’m really not sure about it.

Answer #5

nope vegetariand dont et chicken…or fish no animals. as the other people say you just dont like red meat so you can either give up chicken and call yourself a vegetarian or keep eating it and stop calling yourself one its up to you being a vegetarian is a life choice, its not a fad thing you do for like a month but theres nothing wrong with eating chicken vegetariands can eat dairy products though if you were vegan however, no animals and dairy products

Answer #6

No, your just a ordinary person who doesn’t like red meat. Continue to eat your chicken and other dairy products.

Answer #7

Hahaha…No your a freak.

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