What time of year does it usually start to get warm?

I know it’s different in different places, but do any of you know when it will start to get warm in Virginia? :)

Answer #1

The time i walk in ;)

Answer #2

Here, in California, it’s already getting warm. I’m mad. lol. I heard in that area people are getting snow still? I’m sure you have a couple of more months maybe..?

Answer #3

Baha!!!! :D

Answer #4

Yeah, we have been getting a little snow. But that was a couple weeks ago. It’s freezing this week :( I really want it to warm up.

Answer #5

Virgina experiences seasonal extremes, from average lows of 26 °F (−3 °C) in January to average highs of 86 °F (30 °C) in July. That was the best fact I could find, sorry :(

Answer #6

Here, it’s ussually in march, it warms up a little, in April is mostly warm and then in June is REALLY warm.

Answer #7

Around here.. Im thinking probably thinking at the end of February… But that’s just a guess. It was SOO cold over here this week.. !!!! I cant WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT until summer!!

Answer #8

in mass, around april, and it’s still a little chilly!

Answer #9

You can say that again!!

Answer #10

Woah! The highest average is 86?? That’s weird. It must be a cold summer this year, last year it was 90 something almost every day!

Answer #11

May… then again when you live north of 60 what can you expect I’ve seen snow in July…..

Answer #12

O .o I didn’t read the whole Question for me it is May sometime April if we are lucky

Answer #13

hopefully very soon…

Answer #14

Oh my gosh I knowww!

Answer #15

Is this real? Springtime.

Answer #16

No. Not always…

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