Global warming Ice Age?

I have heard that burning fossil fuels is contributing to Global Waming. I have heard that Global Warming is bad because it will lead to an Ice Age. I find this contradictory. If The world heats up how will it get colder? I don’t understand. Please give suggestions. Thank You.

Answer #1

It’s not that simple…the Earth’s climate has fluctuated between periods of cold and warmth for nearly 2 million years now and global warming began about 18000 years ago during the pleistocene ice age. (I think thats how it’s spelled) The ice ages (or glacials), have usually lasted for 80 000 to 100 000 years…, that means that every 100 000 years or so, the climate on earth warms up, this is called the interglacial warm period. At the present, we are passing through one of those interglacial period.(scientists believe we may be close to the end)…( of that period) BUT there’s no need to panic or start packing your survival kits cause the next Ice age is probably a thousand years (and probably more) away. The Industrial Revolution sure is contributing to global warming but it is also due to changes in the earth’s orbit around the sun and positioning of the continents etc…that was a long explanation! Well could’ve been worse, good luck!! :)

Answer #2

WEll see that’s the problem!! it won’t cool down!! it will constantly be hot!! So that’s why we as to help our nation stay the way it is we need to recycle, stop using all thoughs cars that run on deadly fuels, and the fuels that the Plants use to burn and keep work!!

Answer #3

Global warming will heat up until the ice caps melt. Once they melt they will disrupt and flood the natural currents in the oceans. Once that happens…there will be NO circulation and everything will drop in temperature.

Answer #4

so the earth has gone in and out of cold and hot periods, how do you think people migrated here: walked across the ice. that ice is melting, polarbears are dying, and we are stilled worried aboout us having fresh water that we have actually begun draging huge ice glaciers in waarmer climates near Australia for it to melt but that is changing animals natural habitats. and scientist think we are closer to America declining and dieing than the water washing us out

Answer #5

I think you might have missed heard that becuase we have alo of speakers come to my scool and talk about this subject and they say the water levels are rising becuase of the ice melting. like the other day a huge ice glacier fell and then is another one dangling that is the sixe of conneticut! I think more people should try to put more info about global warming out in the open to inform stupid and naive people

Answer #6

We shouldn’t be calling it Global Warming - scientists like to call it ‘Climate Change’ which is more accurate. The word ‘Warming’ doesn’t really describe the complex environmental changes we’re allowing.

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